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The Shepherd #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


The King continued in his word telling him that he is now one of the king makers because

The feat he has achieved in saving the island and his country from their dangerous, powerful

Sophisticated and well-trained enemies. The general of the army of the island and his team

Have failed to protect the island and deliver her territories but this he has done despite

Not being a soldier nor at a time was trained as a combatant soldier. He laughed and

Appreciate the king for all his words but reiterated to him that he does not need to be

Offered any special position in the island, he should see it as a means of God uses to

Deliver them, for if he has not done that someone else would probably have. That is

Destiny. It has been destined that the island would not be overtaken this time around he

Emphasized to the King. The King says he yet need to appreciate him, for though fate

May have orchestrated it that the island will not be overtaken now, but the fate has used

Someone to carry that out, and the person is him, for if it has been the general of the army

And his team that did this, they will demand for something spectacular from the

Cabinet members he said, and his cabinet members and him have decided to award him

With something and they want him to accept it. He replied the king that if the island wishes

To honor anyone they should honor those Shepherds who have waged war against him,

Because assuming they had not waged war against him, it is certain that he will neither leave

Their midst nor become this powerful. It is been said that the person who treated a person.

Mississippi Children's Choir - The Shepherd Song

Badly is empowering the person. They treated me badly, waged war against me and was

Thinking what they were doing was the right thing but unknown to them that they were

Training and empowering me, it is because I allowed for that training and did not fight

Them back, that was why I could achieve this feat which I achieved today. In addition to

This he stated that the leadership of the island may consider rewarding his father, for he is the

First person who gave him tips to fighting and things to use in protecting himself before some

Spiritual Beings appeared to him in a dream given him special power for protection. It is

The combination of these that keeps him going he told the King and that was why he was

Not troubled when they were waging war against him for he knows himself, knows the

Contacts he has made with the spiritual beings which they obviously have not

Experienced. They were glad for all he said and since he does not want to leave his

Shepherding because anyone who will be made a chief in the island will leave

Shepherding and be working with the King in the palace, they listened to what he said

And made his father a king in his stead. However, before the King makes any decision he

Will send for him to come, and would discuss with him, and anything he says the King

Stands by and does in the Island. He continues to wax greater in the island because his

Cattle has been multiplied and he becomes very great in the island. During his days although

The King is at ease and the neighboring islands fear them, they will not raise head against

The island again because the source of his power they do not know, how he could

Maneuver the war against them still surprises them, and the land was at peace.