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The Shepherd #2

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Into the forsaken region he moves to and started shepherding there. On the first day he

Did not notice anything strange and was thinking maybe what the people were saying about

The forsaken region was not true after all. However as he continues in this region he starts

Noticing strange things according to what the people have said and soon the dangerous

Animals started appearing and he was fighting them and with the help of the things his

Father and the people in white apparel have given him he was able to be protecting his

Animals and his life. The spirits assigned by the people in white apparel to be

Monitoring him were wading off the dangerous animals from him, they have put his

Dread and fear in the hearts of those dangerous animals such that they do not move

Close to where he is again. His animals were looking fresh and healthier than other

Shepherd’s animals in the island. Because of this, he was able to attract more buyers to

Himself. Another thing with which he attracts people to himself again was that he was

Not selling his animals at the same rate with others, people find out that his cattle are

Cheaper than others around. When other shepherds saw that they cannot overcome him

The lay false allegations against him before the King of the island, who after investigating

The allegations they have leveled against him discovered that they were envying him

He thence sends people to him secretly that he needs to be careful of his dealings with others

He thanked the King for the counsel and limit his dealings with other shepherds in the island

He now spends most of his time in the forsaken region. He has pitched a tent there where

He is living and had place where he used to keep his animals there. None among the other

Shepherds could migrate into the area, and they started calling him a ghost. He has the power

Josh Garrels, "Shepherds Song" (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

Of the spirits that is why he could live where the spirits dominate without being affected.

He has not been around the middle of the island for weeks, because he does not want to

Interact with some people as the King has counseled him. And he was tendered his cattle

And sheep far into the forbidden wilderness. He did not know that the enemies have

Attacked the island and they have held the king hostage and were advancing to the middle

Of the island where his father resides in. When a young man discovers this, he sneaks out

Of the island and runs to the forbidden region not minding what the people have been

Saying about the region, he was seeking the Young |Shepherd, for he wants him to know

What has happened in the island and how the enemies are getting closer to his father’s

Compound before he sneaks out. When he heard this he was unsettled within himself

And called together some of the servants who were with him, and they moved out of the

Area to deliver their land from the enemies. Before he gets to the middle of the island, his

Father and his siblings have been taken as a prisoners of war. They rush to get the

Enemies before they moved far out of the region. They catch up with the enemies and

A second phase of war begins. By the time the dust of this is over, he and his team has

An upper on the enemies and they delivered them from the hands of their foes. The

People of the island were surprised that he could deliver the island from their notorious

Enemies. For a whole week, the women in the island were celebrating him for a job well

Done, saving the island from their dangerous and powerful enemies. The king invited him

To his palace discusses with him what they can do to compensate him. He says he is one of

Them and he does not need any compensation. He offered to make him one of his chiefs

In the palace but he turned down the offer saying that he is at the service of the king,

Any time he seemly finds it fit to be with him, because he is one of the King’s boys. The

King retorted that he is no longer one of his boys, that has become a past tense.


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