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The Shepherd #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He is young, energetic, and vibrant. Among all the youths in the island he stands out

He took to wife a lady from his tribe and the lady gave birth to seven children for him,

Out of the seven children only one is a male. As their culture he started taken the son

To the field to learn how to tender the sheep and the cattle. When the father grows old

He gives him a special ring, this ring he must put on when he is shepherding the animals,

It is a ring that will be protecting him from dangers and would draw favor to him. The

Young man stepped into the shoe of his father, shepherding the flocks and whenever he

Is doing this, he observes his father’s rules of putting on the ring for protection. One day,

One of the sheep got lost, and he started searching for this lost sheep while he keeps the rest

Somewhere safe. It took him a while before he could find this sheep, after finding this

Sheep he could not return to home again and he has to sleep in the hut where the father

Has built in case something like this happens. This day, he dreamt a dream at the hut, in

The dream he sees two people in white apparel who appeared and they started talking to

Him that, they are the ones who allowed the sheep to get lost because they want to talk to

Him and if he should return to his home they will not be able to speak to him as they are

Now. Then they added that he has been ordained to be a great shepherd in the island, albeit

There are people who will not want him to succeed in the work he is doing for they will be

Waging war against him, but he should not be afraid that all who gathered against him will

Always fall before him flat. While leaving each of the angels gave him something, one

Gives him a small gourd that he should swallow it, while the other gave him an arm bracelet

That he should put it on. He collects it from them, swallowing the gourd and putting the arm

Shepherd's song (short)

Bracelet on. They told him that as he has put these on, those that rise against him will

Always fall before him, they will not be able to stand before him the rest of his life. When he

Woke up he discovers that his left hand on which he puts the arm bracelet on in the dream

Was heavy and the region was itching him while his stomach too were rumbling

He started belching and passing flatus. He was weak. He managed to get up but he could not

Tender the animals that day as he rested in the hut all through. By the time the sun was

Setting his body is returning to normal but the day is far spent. The following day he

Starts shepherding again and that day returns home. The following day when he takes

The cattle out, other shepherds rose against him, they do not want him near them again.

He appealed to them but they will not listen to him and when he sees that they had

Conspired against him, he decides to leave the area for them. Albeit according to the

Oral history heard about the island, the only place left where he can be tending his

Animals to have been termed forsaken place by those shepherds who have worked

Ahead of him. The place is termed forsaken because of wild animals that resides in the

Place. Many shepherds and cattle have been killed in that area. He cannot tender his

Animal to another island for the people of the island do not love them and they had

Repeatedly fight about this until they resolved that the shepherds of the island should not

Cross the boundaries of their island to another. As a good shepherd he needs to take the

Animals out so that they will feed at the green pastures and be healthy, because by

Their walking they will exercise and become healthy. Since other shepherds do not

Want him among them, he decides that he has no option left other than tendering the

Cattle to the forsaken region. He remembers what his father has given him that it

Will serve as protector for him and recall what those people in white apparels spoke

With him in his dream, he concludes that he will take his life in his hands by going there.