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The Seven Mortal Sins



I don’t want much, just all you dearly hold

A fire-spitting dragon hoarding all the gold

Place the strings on my outstretched hands

To puppet your limp soul in a masquerade so grand

I don’t crave much, honey, just your sweet cherry lips

To stitch, to bruise, to shatter, let the scarlet juice drip.


Feed me…feed me…indulge me more

Sucking savory bone marrow, taste the gore

A hint of innocence, cotton candy clouds melt

Against the metallic taste of swollen crimson welts

Tinges of impurity spice up the bland sweet flavor

So please…feed me…sin some more.


I have enough-more than others could ever ask for

Friends, family, rich cuisine, modern shelter, the pretty city lights and flashing doors

But how come all i ever want is to find someplace secluded?

A lone island to call my own, where i could be peacefully deluded

Do i want more, by wanting less? I want to stay a simple soul

In an ever-evolving world of machines and symbolic crests-

I want to stay untamed, unknown.


Raging wars everywhere, internal and external

Ripping and tearing seams, nobody bothers to fix

Cold ruthless apathy, numbed down like a piece of frozen meat

Indifferent to crime and suffering, the sting of melting candlewicks

But there comes a price for everything, systems too lazy to feel pain

Are too lazy to feel happiness, malfunctioned souls too rusty to be sane.


Splintering sticks and crunching bones

Knuckles bulging purple, pale thighs slit with tally marks

Chunks of dried caked blood sprinkle the sugar cones

Pretty ribbons around pretty wrists, daylight clear and stark

And whoever said they hurt you, when they spilled droplets of your blood out in the stygian seas

Just because you’re the piteous, sniveling prey, doesn’t mean you’re not the shark.


Cain murdered Abel, for he coveted His precious favor

Just like Hades stole Persephone, a little bird locked forever

Guilty pleasures, luscious dark chocolate delight, senses tingle and excite

He has the succulent candy, the shimmering gold, say, why not take his life?In the end, we lust, we want, we hunger for what is solely forbidden

And don’t we all come from the same perfidious apple that was treacherously bitten?


I’m grasping for something-a twig, a branch, something solid to hold on to

Teetering on the edge of a crumbling cliff; below me, a choking abyss brews

Desperately clinging, the last autumn leaf left on a naked willow branch

And it’s not really time to go, but i secretly pray for an avalanche

One hand firmly gripping yours, another clutching my pride weighing down

Truthfully, love, i’d rather fall to my untimely death, break the rushing ravine and drown.


Veronica Lejano (author) on September 11, 2020:

Thank you, JC. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece.

JC Scull from Gainesville, Florida on September 11, 2020:

Very interesting and well constructed.

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