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The Serene Winter Path


An afternoon winter walk to begin just a short drive away

I see the trail name and am intrigued, I want to stay

The Kissing Bridge Path is the gateway for this adventure

But I am a little hesitant about the distance I can endure.

Hoping this winter chill won’t feel quite so cold

But I open up and am ready for nature’s story to be told

The path is wide like a boulevard in a grand city

Surrounding it are snow-covered fields so pretty.

On a beautiful winter day, the powerful sun shines bright

Every few steps now I notice the dreamy beautiful sight

I stop to stare at the chickadees that chirp so sweet

Tiny but plump and waiting for their next treat.

Along the path, there are tiny bridges so inviting

I stop at one and view a scene so inspiring

The creek flows with a slow trickle so light

Frozen snowflakes glow like diamonds so bright.


It is like the simple beauty now has magnified so clear

In a state of mindfulness, I am present; I am here

I am comforted and moved by this path of serenity

This season of snowy beauty, in these moments I feel free.

© 2022 Nella DiCarlo