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Alex has been a photographer since he was in grade school. He has a diploma in digital photography. He thoroughly enjoys various arts.


The Sensations - A Poem

The eyes stare.
They stare into a path.
Is it dark? Is it bright?
is it too far to see?
The eyes watch.
They waych the clouds.
They view the sea.
They consume the walls.
The mind flows.
Where does one go?
Why am I drifting?
When is the start and end?
The tongue lathers.
It tastes something grey.
Was that food or mead?
Is there anything to eat?
It feels the doorway.

Afterthoughts - Additional Context

I still wander in my wonders.
Is there an answer to my queries concerning my own existence?
Is there even a question herein?
Or, is is that my world's wonders make me wander?
The space between places is space enough, but it always feels so grey.
It is like a type of limbo here. The limbo of the mind.

© 2019 Alexander James Guckenberger

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