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The mascot is a student Engineer, studying for a B.eng degree at Futo Nigeria. He loves turning calculated thoughts into beautiful lines.

The seer takes a look at the events of life from a perspective that's alien(not human). Just think of how your life would be if you had the super power of not aging?


An alien gaze

Under the confines of a starless sky,
amidst all that can be found within the darkest of times,
I find myself,
caged within the plains of a distant galaxy,
The absurdity of rare life in no mans land.

Then came a twist in time,
the shaking and turbulence of thundering sounds,
a game of the divine we call miracle.

Alas, my sealed haven's been broken,
I find myself,
shuttled into a realm of time totally not mine,
far off from all I'm sculptured to know,
as I start to face the reality of an uncertain future.

Under the purview of a crystal glittering sky,
the bustling noise of space full of life,
I find myself,
lost in the beauty of trees, the enchanting fragrance of roses,
the elegance of creatures that bless the sky and lands.

Like the speed of a racing comet,
sourjourning through the changes of time,
I find myself,
a witness to the sweetness of life,
the joy of finding love, the pain of losing dear ones,
the bitterness of betrayal,
the pitiful sight of men who lose their will to live,
the weakness of a frame that shifts with the changing tides of time,
alas, the sadness of life that won't last forever.

On and on like the dots of an uncertain infinity,
the unending swirl of natures course,
holding no rule over my alien self, I stand docile not interfering, as I observe through time immemorial, the vanity of every gain struggled for, the negligence of the little things that matter.

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