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The Secret of the Wind


Whispers of the Wind

The string of a soul is the thread which binds it to the One who sustains this universe

The whispering wind echoes these secrets for the ear which can hear

No engine runs forever without some expert mechanical servicing
No physical body thrives without some motion and exercise
No soul finds peace without awareness of it's connection with the Divine

Man was made anxious;
understanding the holy knot that binds him is the only way to gently unravel the delusion and mystery of anxiety, of worry

Try it.
Go anywhere, be anyone, accumulate as much wealth, security, and luxury as you possibly can; become famous.
You will never be rid of your anxious nature, and you can't run away from your own thoughts forever.

You may occupy the mind with music, TV, children, the next project - some try really hard to be busy all the time, but listen, my friend, cleanse yourself from this disease of the mind.

Walk out with no destination and no plan, feel the sun greet you with it's heat, smell the air right before a rainfall, look at the flowers and the trees, listen to the stories narrated by the breeze.

Be present in the here and now.

© 2020 Mo Durrani

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