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The Seasons of Tomorrow

Ravi is a traveler and foodie who loves to visit off-the-beaten-track places and understand the culture, history and customs behind them.

The Seasons of Tomorrow

The Seasons of Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a very interesting ( and rather double-edged) word. If we see it positively it can symbolize hope and new beginnings. On the other hand, tomorrow can also mean laziness or procrastination. Ultimately it all boils down to our attitude and how we want to make our tomorrow better or worse.

This haiku poem is in response to Brenda's word prompt TOMORROW. In this poem, I have tried to capture the essence of seasons and how we can use their vagaries to create a better tomorrow.


An evening primrose

blooms under the rising moon.

Tomorrow never dies.


A few black clouds swirl

in the midst of a heat wave.

Hope it rains tomorrow.


Lurid yellow leaves

cuddle a lone wooden bench.

Tomorrow is green.


After the snowstorm,

hazy lights from distant houses.

Hope to reach tomorrow.