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The Seasons Come and Go

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


She was a real beauty,

a flower just beginning to blossom

and when she was at her best,

he took her for a dance,

Spring in all of her loveliness,

truly delighted him,

Summer was enchanted,

by all that she had done

and they flitted and danced,

all through their seasons,

and life was so good,

under the warm summer sun.

Soon Autumn began to eye Summer

and she was unhappy,

that he paid her no mind,

but soon that would change.

Spring became sadder

and soon faded away,

when that happened Autumn,

took Summer by the hand.

He was entranced by her colorfulness

and didn’t seem to mind losing Spring,

but he let himself forget,

as September drew to a close

and soon he realized that he’d been tricked

and Autumn took over.

When Summer was no more,

she knew that soon,

she and Winter would have a fling.

It was their time,

to dance and sing,

with cold winds blowing

and leaves twirling.

The excitement of first snow flakes,

as Spring slept in her beauty

and Summer dreamed of when they would be together.

Once Autumn and Winter,

finished their season of love

and the cold north winds stopped blowing,

it would be then that Winter would awaken Spring

and the spring breezes would melt Winter away.

© 2018 Gypsy Rose Lee


Gypsy Rose Lee (author) from Daytona Beach, Florida on October 28, 2018:

Thank you. Dianna

Dianna Mendez on October 27, 2018:

Your personification of the seasons is refreshing. Very much expresses how we feel as they pass from one to another.

Gypsy Rose Lee (author) from Daytona Beach, Florida on October 16, 2018:

Thank you, Eric. Glad you enjoyed.

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on October 16, 2018:

Really cool. I long for real seasons. This was a treat.

Gypsy Rose Lee (author) from Daytona Beach, Florida on October 15, 2018:

Bill, I am confident that you'll see many more and as the lyrics go love will keep you alive and you have plenty of that.

Thank you, Renee.

Thank you, Louise. Johnny has inspired me many times.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on October 15, 2018:

This is my 70th year of viewing the seasons and the beauty all around me. I hope to see many more. :)

Tori Leumas on October 15, 2018:

Very interesting poem. It was hard to follow the first time, so I read it a second time and I like it quite a bit.

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on October 15, 2018:

That's a lovely poem. I really enjoyed reading that. And I love the Johnny Cash song. =)

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