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The Search for Hidden Meaning Within the Subtext of Misconception

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Searching for meaning best done internally before moving outward

Really hard to do after suffering from severe emotional burns

Impossible to trust after such mitigating circumstances

Made many wonder whether it was possible to move on

Decided to restart enjoying having a regular party of one

Before adding another variable to the mix; often made things combustible

Decided to work on making small changes on the inside

Before widespread reform on the world

Sounded silly with the complete knowledge that nothing happens

Making large campaign promises until winning election

Simply resting on laurels after hard part done

What a farce when you think about it

A satire that was once a serious matter turned into a joke

Eager to break the cycle of repetitive motion

Starting to turn into a broken record

Needle locked into an endless place

Unable to move from its spot in either direction

Can't go backwards, but can't move forward either

Wondered why still fixated on a broken past

With a person not worthy of a walk in Central Park

Let alone a trip to anywhere in the world or in life

Naïve to think first serious relationship was it

Be all end all to everything flawed in life

Have someone else to focus on to avoid dealing with myself

A human band aid never a good idea to cope with personal demons

A love story that was more a preamble than an actual tale

A warm-up before the main event that lasted longer than it should have

A preview before the coming attractions to something bigger and better

At least, that's my new mantra that's been practiced

Working on overcoming secret thoughts that break-up was my fault

Done with pretending that anything was lost from ordeal

Except my false conception of his true value

Fully aware that the relationship was doomed from the start

Slow to realize it, but understanding now it's fate was sealed

Frustrated that I can't seem to erase the sting and the memories

Know that he was a part of my past and it will take time

To put him in my rearview mirror completely

Feeling dazed from the recent turn of events

And completely confused as to where I fit in

Only need a rock and roll soundtrack to describe predicament

Realized that this story of a broken heart is not special

Many go through this chapter time and time again

Some get married and divorced repeatedly

Maybe, they're love junkies or something

Trying to work out the kinks alone before committing to anything

Especially a walk around a certain park or the block for that matter.

Better to start small before making any long term plans.

A journey meant for someone worthy of the destination.

A journey meant for someone worthy of the destination.

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