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The Scapegoat


I Ain’t no Champion, no Saint, no Hero

I’m the cannonball knocking on Hades gates

The Sacrifice to appease the persecution

The Restitution for the rest of ya

I’m the Bare ass of the whipping boy

The Scapegoat for the punishing

I’m the Beacon of failure, to ease all ya minds

The Victim fueling the victory

The Lamb to the slaughter

The Martyr to the savages

The Hope the Devil ravages

I’m not the Rock to build upon

Aint the Rocky of the Silver Screen

I'm not the Hero that you want

I'm the Scapegoat that you NEED

I'll face the inferno- Y’all can rest in my shade

I’ll bear all our Beatings, must be why I was made

Sins are never unpunished

Your trespasses were weighed

I am not the Savior

But Your Penance is Paid

Still I don't ask for your Praise

I dance for Divine Principalities

Yes I Hurt, but still I am Not afraid

I’m Not the head of the class

I’m The head of the spear

I was Handed a scorpion,

And the power to persevere

A Holy chip grows on my shoulder,

My Militaristic Faith with no fear

I'm No knight in shining armor

I’m the shield to blunt the blows

I'm no heroic Prince Valiant

I’m A decoy wearing those clothes

I'm the face of all Humanity

The face with a bloody, broken nose

I’m the bullseye to the arrow

The clean Camaro to the sparrow

I’m The Daniel to the lions

I'm the Champion of the Mayans

I’m a Pyramid to a pharaoh

I put the perilous in peril

Never mind Niagra Falls

I‘m your faith in this barrel

In this baby makin’ party

I’m a dick- but I am sterile

I'm the Cry "Wolf", that wasn't heard

But then that Wolf cried "Mercy, Lord"

See, I may be just a Lookout

-But I am “God Within”-

And I will always look Inward

Hate me for my Blessings?

Pity my accompanying curses

Hear me Desperately confessing

Feel the Bitter dripping from my verses

Since Jesus Christ was crucified

Why do I still face this crucible?

Touched by Lucifer- still not Lucified

But a Peaceful life is Delusional

I sometimes dream of surrender

But I don't f*ckin' know HOW!!!!

No- I just hafta' keep fighting

‘Cause I’m the only one who can!!!


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