The Santa RHYMES

Updated on November 26, 2017

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

The Santa Clause

SCOTT CALVIN spends time with Charlie.
Spending Christmas Eve burning the turkey.
Forcing them to eat at Denny's.
He then reads a book to Charlie.
Afterwards, they both slept sound.
But awakened by the pounds.
By the sounds on the roof.
He goes there and sees it for true.
He confronts the man while there.
Scott manages to scare.
Scares him off the roof.
He falls and leaves his suit.
Scott discovers eight reindeer.
As Charlie tries convincing him.
Convincing him to put it on.
Wanting his father to move on.
To finish delivering the presents.
He feels good in the morning.
As the reindeer return to the North Pole.
Bernard explains that Scott now is in control.
Scott is now Santa Clause.
He has 11 months to get all.
To get all things together.
While on earth he perceives that it never.
It never happened to him.
It was all a dream to him.
His son remembers it all.
He knows his dad is Santa Clause.
Meanwhile, Scott wants it kept secret.
Telling Charlie to not speak of it.
As the months go by.
Scott's appearance slowly dies.
Replaced with the appearance of Santa.
Becoming evident to co-workers.
But still tries to hide it.
Thinking they don't recognize it.
While at a meeting at work.
He tries convincing them of Santa works.
His Boss tells him to get help.
While he thinks nothing's wrong with himself.
He's getting Naughty and Nice Children.
As well as cookie and milk packages.
Surely suited for the position.
Meanwhile, his Ex and her husband.
Call to have his visitation rights.
Removed. He'd no longer be on site.
To see his son Charlie.
Really it's LAURA and NEIL WERE doing.
Doing it because they don't believe.
Neil decides to tell Charlie.
That Scott is not really Santa.
But Charlie is convinced that he is Santa.
BERNARD comes and takes them.
Laura believes Scott kidnapped him.
On Christmas Eve Scott's delivering.
But his arrested when entering.
Entering the miller's home.
Leaving Charlie all alone.
The Elves come and rescue him.
Freeing Scott and gives the millers gifts.
Gifts they asked for as children.
After the moment he vanishes.

Tim Allen
Scott Calvin/Santa
Eric Lloyd
Charlie Calvin

The Santa Clause 2

SCOTT took on the mantle.
He officially became Santa.
He moved to the North Pole.
He is loving his new role.
But finds out some news.
Not bad but good news.
There is another Clause.
But it is a Mrs. Clause.
Santa presses to get married.
Because Christmas Eve is approaching.
If not, the clause will be broken.
Then he gets news that is more distressing.
Finding that Charlies's been naughty.
He was caught in school painting.
Painting the school gym.
Santa has to deal with him.
While he still searches for a wife.
He gets some well-needed advice.
He leaves to be apart of his son's life.
While searching for a wife.
Creating a replica of him.
With toy soldiers helping him.
Helping him maintain control.
Control of the North Pole.
He thinks everyone has been naughty.
He's thinking about planning.
Planning to give lumps of coal.
He also Undergoes.
A process turning him to Scott.
He then remembers what he forgot.
Charlie was being Naughty for attention.
He wanted his fathers' attention.
Charlie confesses it.
He reveals that he's stressed about it.
Scott vows to try harder.
Instead of Santa, he wants to be a father.
After a few dates, he finds CAROL.
Who happens to be the school principal.
He accompanies her at a Christmas Party.
He uses his magic to spice up the Party.
Carol is still blind to knowing.
That he's Santa but convinced by Charlie.
He then finds out some news.
About what Toy Santa is going to do.
Scott goes to stop what he's trying to do.
With the help of his friends.
Scott puts Toy Santa to an end.

Tim Allen
Tim Allen
Toy Santa
Eric Lloyd
Charlie Calvin

The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

Santa Clause and Carol Clause.
Are expecting a little clause.
Carol tells her class how they met.
Meanwhile, Scott agrees to let.
To let his in-laws come to the North Pole.
Inviting humans to the North Pole.
While meeting with the legends.
JACK FROST is jealous.
Jealous because he's no figure.
He negotiates to get in the picture.
So Santa gives him a light sentence.
Jack Frost has different intentions.
Intending to be known this Christmas.
At the North pole, he offered his service.
Helping Santa decorate the place.
His in-laws think that he makes.
Thinks he makes toys.
Not Knowing that he delivers toys.
Frost intends to make Santa resign.
He intends to go back in time.
To undo Scott's career as Santa.
He first puts his in-laws in a freezer.
Putting his plan into motion.
Hoping that his intentions.
Are eventually fulfilled.
He goes back to the real.
He tricks SCOTT like he intended.
Going to 94 and replacing.
Replacing the original fallen Santa.
With him as the new Santa.
Scott's the CEO of his company.
He takes priority in his family.
Carol, he never even Married.
She moved away years ago.
The new timeline had her go.
Frost turned the Pole into a resort.
The elves are miserable.
The deer are forced.
Forced into a petty zoo.
Scott wants to know the truth.
So Lucy and Neil steal the globe.
He tricks Scott to know.
He tricked Scott into being his Escape Clause.
So that he can be the new Santa Clause.
Briefly, it works for frost.
Scott plans to show him who's boss.
He restrains him to put on the suit.
Then shows his in-laws the truth.

Tim Allen
Martin Short
Jack Frost

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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