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A Poem for Halloween - Hallow's Eve: The Samhain Souls Cometh Forth

With the darkest of my thoughts transferred to written words at times I can see the light.


The Samhain Souls Cometh Forth

Ghoulish demonic

vacant masks

drawn to a burgeoning blaze

macabre silhouettes


flaming tongues gyrate

a dancing bloody glory

nourished with crude bones

devoid of blood and flesh.


picked clean.

A mass of pallid ossein



a fetid inferno of decay

Morbid vapour snakes...



a lunar abyss.

A vacuous void

commands the shrouded.

Advancing demonic blackness descends

seeping through the earth...

piercing cries of heinous pitch

engulf the rancid air.

They are here.

Monstrous beasts transverse

to covet

to plunder

the mortal being.

Scorched ambers rain...

Sanguine flames soar...

deathly creatures hunt

scavenge and devour...

The hideous wraith of the Spirit world

floods and flees

The Samhain souls

Cometh Forth...

And full bellied

They leave.

Samhain: October 31st to November 1st

Many moons ago the dead were celebrated with a festival begininng on the 31 of October ending on November 1. Bonfires were lit and candles ignited carried home from the celebratery flame to safe guard houses and families as the fine line between the dead and the living merged. Demons lurked among the searching souls and their desire to consume a living soul was paramount.

Demonic disguises were worn by all on hallows eve to hide among the monsters. While the slaughtered carcasses of animals burned and fetid flames roared to the sky, the people in their guise celebrate their harvest and the beginning of winter. Music played and the festivties carried on through the night.

© 2018 Gabriel Wilson

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