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The Samerjian Myth Drawer

I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.


The Samerjian Myth Drawer

The Samerjian Myth Drawer was full when I opened it

I had a lie in my hand but there was not room for one more

No legends allowed

No tales of fairies or imps or elves

No space to scrunch in anything at all

No matter how small

I knew not what to do

Always before

When I brought them to this drawer

I could drop them here so they could keep each other company

But never see

The light of the day

Or the moon at night

Or the masses of people

Who might hear and believe

And thus be deceived

I promise to be good, the lie whispered in my ear

I won’t say anything that anyone can hear

Everything I say is a lie

I’ll say

And that’s the truth of it, anyway


Let me play

Whaddya say?

Hey hey

The Samerjian Myth Drawer started to steam

Or was that smoke?

The center of the drawer began to turn orange

And then red

A bright, brilliant, burning hue that looked like the spot down deep

In the center of the campfire

Under the logs where the glow

Is so hot it can show

Ore how to move like liquid

For a time

But it will harden again

In a new form as it cools

Then the drawer made a sound like a laugh


And I took a step back

And the lie squirmed in my hand

Still writhing and wriggling and whispering in the air

Farther from my ear

But I could still hear

I slowly opened my palm and let it go

Said it out loud

And then it acted all proud

Like it was real

And I could sense and feel

How highly it thought of itself

But not me

I began to be

Sick to my stomach

Bile came the mile

From the bottom to the exit

And I doubled over

To release it

And that was now free, too

And now bwahahaha

Came from the gob of the lie

And I wanted to die

As I looked behind the Samerjian Myth Drawer

And saw one more

The real one

Chained and closed

And hidden

From view

So that you

And I

Can’t place our untruths there

And instead we’re forced

To set them free

I was right about the capacity

But wrong about the tenacity

It can’t defend itself

It needs help

And a guardian

To allow access

That’ll be best

Wish me well and success

As I attempt to set free

And safeguard for eternity

The Samerjian Myth Drawer

And send this other impostor

To oblivion


© 2020 greg cain