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The Same Old Song And Dance

Old Bad Habits Are Hard To Break

When we have had issues in the past

Something that still bothers us to this day

We try to do and be different

When we hit that nerve

The old bad stuff comes flying back

Full force

No breaks

Holding back the tears of anger and dispair

What is so bad to fear?

Why can't we break free of the hidden chains of sadness?

I have a beautiful example

My wife gets really mad when something goes wrong

I don't get it

Even though until this point in time

Everything was going greater than fine

My wife drops a dish

You would think she dropped a child on its head

I hear her cursing from the other room


What is it?

Are you o.k.?

I have no clue what happened?

She could have cut herself with a knife chopping something up?

I dropped a dish


I was making us each a bowl of ice cream

The dish slipped off the corner

Why didn't you move one of the dirty pans from the sink

The dishes were piled by the sink

I didn't think of it

Do you get hurt?

Ice cream on the floor

The nice white dish shattered into little pieces

I wanted to take a picture

Now is not a good time

She was in her socks

I said first move away from there

It is really bad when you get a shiver of glass in your feet

I will clean it up

She walked away

The first thing we have to make sure Charlotte our cat doesn't get any glass in her paws

So my wife called Charlotte to put her in the bathroom

She didn't want to come

Now my wife became angry

Charlotte wanted to see what all the excitement was

I don't blame her

Mommy dropped a dish

Daddy is cleaning it up

Nothing to see here

I first picked up a few big pieces I saw

Then put them in a double plastic bag

Then I used a few paper towels like a pad

I swept my hand back and forth over where I think the glass broke

It was at night

Even with the kitchen light it was hard to see

My wife goes aren't you suppose to use a wet cloth

I think you are right

Make sure you put your slippers on

I might miss a piece

After doing the same thing again and again

Now I took the broom

It is amazing how we still miss little pieces

I can see them shining in the light

It was time to let Charlotte out

I will look again in the morning

The next morning I covered the same area

I still found two slivers of glass

The big thing is why did my wife get so mad?

After that, she dropped something else

I heard her say

I should go to bed

One thing doesn't have anything to do with another

Don't put things together and make up false reasons

If it was your mother's bowl

I would be sad not mad

Because we can't replace it

The dish was probably going to break anyway

Maybe it had a crack in it

We didn't see

I am just trying to make light of the subject

So I bring in my wife the bowl of ice cream she already made

I dropped mine

This is yours

I only wanted ice cream because you said you were getting some

There was only a little left from two cartons

No big deal

I can eat ice cream anytime I want

The important thing

Is nobody is hurt

Everything else can be fixed

I don't like getting mad at silly things

It is a waste of time and energy

The morning after I had to tell you the events

The best how I remember them

Does this ever happen to you?

Do you fly off the handle?

I just want to clean up the mess and move on

I took the broken glass and put in the barel

Today I took it outside

Just in case one of us forgets

We put our hand in there

To push down the trash

Then we have another problem

Off to clean up the dirty dishes at the sink

Maybe if I did them last night

This wouldn't have happened

It could have been my fault

I don't look at it like that

It was nobody's fault

Just things fall

Things break

On with life and a good day

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