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The Sale of All Sales

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Come One Come All

Who knew this would be our final chapter?

Life is always been quiet surprising

We never know where we will end up?

i have gone to many yard sales and loved them so much

Always looking for the greatest buy

Our lovely neighbor Dennis is moving in with his family

Times have changed

He no longer needs the house he was living in for the past

eighteen years

He will be so loved and missed

So there I was standing among so many of his personal belongings

From garden tools to kitchen pots and pans

Beautiful plants and so many wonderful odds and ends

I seen people walk away with guns and a rotor tiller

It makes you realize what you have

The years of memories

I stopped and watched everything go so fast

An old typewriter

From home made crochet blankets

Made from his grandmother

Deer heads and duck on a plaque

Where to begin and where does it end

I look back at my own history

Things that I collected over the years

It could be me standing where he is

How would I feel ?

How do you put a price on things you loved

Everything he sold

Name your price

He practically gave his things away

I left there happy for the wheel barrel and two large plastic barrels

Two bird houses and a moose table

A box of bolts and yard solar lights

Come back the next day

Looking again

This time blankets and a large rope

I was happy and sad at the same time

Life moves forward

No one is left behind