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The Saga of Rainbows

The force stretches from both ends in the extremities of good and evil but somewhere in between lies the meaningful secret colors of life



Roses filled with thorns,

Passion burning, silent horns,

If I pick the flower from its sharp bed,

Will the love live and continue to bloom?

I know it’s painful as it is sinful,

There are love that remain love

Even without the blessing of the rain,

Love is still love

Even if it’s burning in the flames


Ardors touched with hands of courage,

Imperfect hues of the past

Haunt the glowing shades of the present

Are we still the same color,

When wrong decisions stain our very core?

But look at the brilliance of golden hearts,

Where kindness and strength truly resides

Teardrops flow to clean the dirty wounds ,

Shining beyond each scars and each flaws

Move and chase the dreamy view of a sunset

When walls of doubt and judgement hinder,

Be strong and don’t bang your head into it,

Instead, forge your own path and create a life

That you truly deserve.


When the universe birthed the stars,

We were two worlds apart,

Our gravity pulls in different directions,

Is nature stronger than our affection?

Oh! the ecstasy of genuine love,

If only I could deny that feeling,

But it’s something that I couldn't hide

It’s excruciating as it is liberating

Fate tells us to stop the love

But I waited for so long for this to come,

So let the gods judge me

For what I have yet to become


Fresh starts of morning dew,

Lushes of emotion that are young and new,

Chubby and rosy cheeks of babies

Filled with enthusiasm, sweet caresses

Beautiful intentions lurking in the dark,

Cadavers of deep desires are awakening,

We both know we are just using each other,

But we still allow the feeling to gather


Somewhere in the sky I searched for true love,

Like an eagle flying up above,

Bird’s-eye view of distant dreams,

What kind of love am I searching for?

Then you came to me with no disguise,

Bare-naked and without lies,

The facade of truth in your eyes,

Awakens the hidden longings in my heart

Out of touch with reality,

I stumbled upon small broken pieces of you,

Reflect the monster of your deceit

Blue euphoria turns into dark melancholia

Sweet kisses of the moment,

Remind me of the times you were true

Love is a risk, worth of a life

I will still try, soaring up high


Shadow of a love that knows it’s wrong

Lingers the soul with pain of deception

I know, I have to move on,

And let garish lights pierce my martyrdom

But the feeling is so strong,

The kind of force that is willing to gamble

In a game played without vision,

Still willing to lose my heart’s portion

Debris in the heart pretends it does not exist,

“I’m fine, I’m okay without you”

But when hands of the clock touch the wound

Why does the agony still hold on?

Maybe, I still love you despite of your horror

Maybe, I will learn to love and all of your colour

I’ll be waiting for this hurt to calm down

When that happens, the love is also gone


Lavenders sway through winds of change

Palette of warmth and peace

Gorgeous flowers are hard to find,

They don’t need someone to shine

Just look at it and its soft petals,

The fragility of its womanhood,

Strengthens and thrives not by someone’s embrace

But by the sun’s light and grace

Beauty remains even without attention,

Blooms under sunshine and storm

In the lens of the divine,

It’s perfect, complete and fine.

Rainbows show

Where there’s a slight hint of rain,

Just like how beauty roots from

Simple drips of pain

© 2020 Juan Marcus Puentas

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