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The Safari

Medini is a writer with a huge passion for poetry. She has been writing poems for more than 10 years, with many of them published.

Any journey is a Safari

Any journey is a Safari

What is a safari?
Inherently, any incredible journey.
A mountain climb, a jeep ride.
Forget about your worries and your strife.

For nature is the best art,
Healing the wounds of the heart.
All good things are wild and free,
On the unparalleled safari.

The water twinkles and shines,
The sun lights up God's design.
The breeze merry and jaunty,
The flowers graceful and pretty.

Then there's the inner safari,
The most intimate journey.
Finding ways to improve,
Finding company in solitude.

All of life is a safari,
So much to learn, so much to see.
Time waits for no man, woman or child.
Allow it to take you on one sweet ride.

-Medini Rajan

© 2020 Medini Rajan

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