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The Sacred Fire of Love. Friday's Inspiration 6, a Soulful Offering to Rosina S Khan

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Love's fire within the soul

Light is the beauty of the Heart, projecting from the Absolute, manifesting in and through the vessel of the soul called human ... through even the non-sentient and sentient beings.

Light is synonymous with Love and Love is Light. When the Light is dim, the fire of Love is nothing but a purge ... a dynamic pull of the Heart to fly upwards ... forwards, into infinity's blue sky.

Man is by nature a lover, only he has forgotten whom to Love and so the adversity of life pushes him unto himself, in quest of meaning ... a higher life; an urgent need to fulfill his potential ... to find his true Source.

We come from Love, live in Love and at the end of our journey's close, we will return to Love. This urge awakens us to the deeper magnificence and excellence of the Light within, residing in the profundity of our own Being.

Humans are quintessentially Spirit, made in its image, and we are consciously or unconsciously, re-discovering our way Home. The One Absolute runs through everything in heaven and earth, in the Higher and lower world and both form and formless, flow from the Light of Paradise.


Wisdom from the Master

“The world is strewn with difficulties. In a sense, it is full of thorns. But if you put on shoes you can walk on the thorns. What are these shoes made of? They are made of God’s Grace.” -Sri Chinmoy

“Depression is the most effective smile of a wrong force. Once we allow it to enter, depression tries to crush the strength and joy of our life-force.” – Sri Chinmoy

“No suffering, no salvation,” so says the teacher Adversity to his student, man.

No soul’s delight, no salvation,” so says the teacher Prosperity to his student, man.” – Sri Chinmoy

“Illness often has very little to do with the Divine Will. It is rather the acceptance of imperfection’s invasion.” -Sri Chinmoy

“Despair is an unworthy and shameless guest of our inner life. We must resist it with the current of will that energizes our soul.” – Sri Chinmoy


The Sacred Fire of Love

On the transformative lap, of an unseen adversary,

The fog of darkness throws my being into chaos.

My once haunting flute, now evokes the reed that bore it;

I use its longing to kindle flames, in the sacred fire of Love.

I walk amidst the ancient parchments of the Saviours,

Still trapped in the agony of despair.

But Orion transforms my shadows,

Opening the portals of her candescent Light.

Gone are the demons of the night, replaced by the glow

Of sunrise-delight. I dance on the rays of moonlight,

Its sacred power, scattering the cobwebs of my dilemma.

My Heart’s pangs are dispelled, by this envoy of the Light.

The sun opens the gates to the Nazarene’s treasure,

Displaying its supernal grandeur, in the sweetness of my soul.

-Manatita, the Lantern Carrier 3rd April, 2020


Wisdom from the Master

"Prayer begins when human capacity ends." - Sri Chinmoy

“May my morning begin

With the breath of kindness

And sweetness.” – Sri Chinmoy

“Encouragement radiates Love

Concern and the feeling of oneness.” – Sri Chinmoy

“Fear dies

Courage survives

Love flies.”

~ Sri Chinmoy

© 2020 manatita44

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