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The Life's Royal Rule (Collection of Inspiring Short Poems)

Endy is a lover of and a practicing writer. He is always learning ways to improve while spilling his gut. He sees writing as life.


The Life's Royal Rule

'The royal rule' is a collection of four distinct poems each written with a unique voice, style, and fashion to genuinely inspires the reader.

The first poem, 'the vision', describes walking in faith without losing focus. It’s symbolic of knowing an end of a journey from its very beginning, even before the journey begins. It was certain that at the end of the journey there would be a great achievement.

The second poem, 'the courage', emphasizes need to trust God or entrust one’s journey to God—a higher power than man. The poet knows trust God doesn’t mean life’s trials will be taken away. However, he believes to the contrary that in the face of this trials one can remain steadfast and calm. At the same time, one should know that one’s life is like a ship which one is a captain. That means being a captain of one's ship one has to sustain his ship with strong-will, in line with the divine will, even when life buoyed in storms.

The third poem 'walking in purpose' accentuates the emptiness of life without purpose. As such, the poet suggests one shouldn’t ask too much of an empty life. But as empty as life might be one needs to live it purposefully as that is the only way to give life a deserved meaning. This way, one should have walked his path such that at the end of one's journey, he would have a crown that will be unmistakably his because he walked his own path.

The last poem in this collection, 'peace', highlights the fact one must remain in peace despite life's troubles. Here, the poet sets peace as an ultimate goal which one must pursue on his life’s journey. He portends that even when the world goes agog or aflame, one’s soul must remain one; together at peace in one apiece.

These four put together, 'the vision', 'the courage', 'walking in purpose' and 'peace' are important components of life. These components are what this poet puts together and collectively calls ‘the life's royal rule.’ Although written differently on different days, with different titles, the poems linked logically and read well like one poem, each reading like a stanza. It’s this poet's hope, each poem, and this entire collection meet the readers' emotional needs at this point in time.

“Poets are damned… but see with the eyes of angels.”

— ― Allen Ginsberg

The Vision

I walked. I walked through

Not looking either way

I kept my eyes in front of my head

And like the compass star,

I walked with Angels,

My own guidance Angels.

And even when all the lights went off,

I still see the road through to the end,

I see its end in my heart.

I know the path my feet shall tread,

And it’s lined with silver and gold


The Courage

Gently and roughly

The wind strokes.

It strokes my boat

And slashes in water.

I was in. I was calm.

I was untroubled by its wrath;

Because I’ve learnt my master’s ways.

I heeded His counsel:

“Do not be afraid!”

I know if I trust Him,

He will prove Himself.

If I do my bit,

I know He won’t disappoint.

I know too, this ranging wind,

Is a valiant taking its toss?

For if Christ said to my soul, “Be Calm!”

What is fear that I should heed its voice?

Who is fear to have a say in my affairs?

I am the captain of my own ship.

I sail my ship wherever I will.

I sail as my Lord and Master direct.


Walking in Purpose

I ask, not too much of an empty world.

I ask this life of mine be used,

For its God-ordained purpose.

The purpose real. The purpose impacting.

The purpose worthy of its call.

So that when I walk through the heavenly door

I shall wear on my head the golden crown.

The crown lined with beautiful flowers.

The crown of honour, and of life rendered.

The crown and flowers not to be mistaken;

Because I have walked my own path,

Alone, and faithfully to my journey’s end.

A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.

— ― Bruce Lee


Right here in my little mind,

And in my little space,

I find something calmly and still.

The peace. The personal peace.

I’ve loosened free from all chains.

Never again to be bored and laden.

Never again to be bound by this shackles.

When I chose this path to walk,

When I chose to loose free from my chain,

I was deliberate! I was true!

I know if I remain true to myself,

Even though the world crumbles,

Even though it crashes or falls,

My soul. My own very soul will remain one;

Together at peace in one apiece.

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