The Room Of My Thoughts

Updated on January 15, 2018

The Room Of Black Thoughts

In the silent doors of this dark room

Lies a sin, a story of my black thoughts

Something too terrible to do, something terrible to even imagine

This is a place where people come, come to beg for forgiveness

Though their words are too small and their voices are too large

Filled with tears and defied by time itself

Pure little souls yet not pure enough

Filled with hatreds, rough and tough

It's not all about them i'm with them too stuck in waves of time

I beg though god would forgive me for what i did

Beg that though someday i will see light

My pride will be great and my eyes will be bright

I wait for that day to come and hope that this day will come when all of this will end

End the story of my black thoughts

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© 2018 Jawad K


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