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The Roaring Fog, A Poem

Mark Tulin is a baseball fan from Philadelphia, PA. He has four books of poetry and one short story collection, available on Amazon.


The Ocean Fog as Meditation

I see the fog as a soothing mist that comforts as well as quiets the soul. It flows over, envelops, and dims our overactive mind, so we can contemplate nature.

I hope this poem inspires peace. It is intended to be a meditative poem and speaks to how the power of nature enables us to be in the present moment.

Enjoy "The Roaring Fog" and my YouTube video poem.

Poem: The Roaring Fog

I see my reflection

gazing into the heart

of the roaring fog

as I stand on the shore

I sail with mind’s eye

floating like a nymph

a beautiful deity

in the seagull sky

I hear the boat’s

numbing foghorn

that guides me gently

place to place

I watch the mist cross the sea

covering beaches

carrying dreams

to the mountaintops

I embrace this spirit

that drifts and flows

into its perfect murkiness

of freedom’s escape

A photographic memory

a surreal reality

that evaporates

in our imagination.

© 2020 Mark Tulin

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