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The Road to Mama's House



Deep in the country, out in the pines, there's a little dirt road,

It leads straight mama's house, and more love than you could

ever know.

When I'm down and out, and I don't know where to go.

I find my self going dowm that little dirt road.

She had an empty chair, and always made the time,

though she had problems of her own,

she always listened to mine.

If I needed a helping hand, I knew she was always there,

just go down that little dirt road, she'd be right there in her chair.

If you ever needed a friend,

that little dirt road lead to love without end.

The little is over grown not that mama's passed away ,

her house ie empty and cold, only memories remain.

I wish I could go down that little dirt road,

at least one more time,

I wish I could hold her close and feel her hands in mine.

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