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On the Road to Kingdom Come (Poem and Song)

John is a poet, short fiction, and freelance writer who also trained in home ministry and Bible study.



The idea for this poem came to me after listening to the wonderful (according to my taste anyway) Harry Chapin song of the same name, " On The Road To Kingdom Come". The poem isn't based on the message in the song but the title was perfect for the words floating around in my head. This is the result. I hope you like it.

Update! Recently I asked Al Wordlaw (word55 to most of us here, and a very talented singer and musician) if he could turn one of my poems into a song. He said to send him a couple and he would see if he could. I did email him three of my poems and he chose this one. Below is the wonderful song that he created from this poem. Please take the time to view the video.


On The Road To Kingdom Come

I know not how he's travelling

Or exactly where he's been

But I know the 'stranger's' coming,

Like a figment in my dream.

He has been a million places,

From Rome to Timbuktu.

From the vast Sahara Desert

To the mountains of Peru.

He could sail into the harbor

On a boat with hoisted flags.

But more likely in some alley

As a vagrant dressed in rags.

There'll be no trumpets sounding

Or parade for "welcome home".

You will not recognise this man,

He'll walk the streets alone.

He may approach you humbly,

Head bowed, with beggar's cup.

"Please Sir, can you spare a dime,

So one like me may sup?"

He'll test if you are worthy,

So be generous and kind

To even homeless vagrants,

Infringing on your time.

Then, maybe if your heart is true,

When his work on Earth is done,

You'll become his fellow traveller

On the Road To Kingdom Come.


Harry Chapin's "On The Road to Kingdom Come"

© 2013 John Hansen

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