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The River of Life Reveals


The long river of our lives, to be the teller of tales,

Just as a shaman may do the same, casts spells.

Its own divination claimed, as it looses evil spirits,

The common good, as it should, then so prevails.

As the river runs clear, is only good, it to display,

Reveals a new Life, as it continues along its way.

The days and nights to be cleaned, are now pure,

Presupposing any worry, that all once did endure.


If the river is muddy and brown, we see a rain to fall,

As waters mix, pure earth is stirred, is a needed call.

Only as this occurs, will there ever be a new life seen,

Later the treated waters to clear, cleansed, so pristine.

If the waters of the river are so dark, there, evil's about,

Black as a darkest night, its impurity takes a new route.

The river churns, slows in its flow, no new life to bestow,

Only the prayers of the many, will make movement grow.


As our river of life changes to blue, sadness to reign,

Pollution and wastes of all the ages, makes its stain.

Wild creatures.. all fish, reptiles, mammals to depend.

Then are swept away in filth, never to be seen again.

A red river denotes severe floods, washing over all life,

Brought about by heavy rains, then causing such strife.

The strongest dams may not hold, as over all it does roll,

Drowning fish and fowl, all creatures alike, sorrow untold.


The greatest predictor, this grand river on which we depend,

The prophesier, prognosticator, may save lives, or to extend.

When we are so mindful, and observe all of its pointing signs,

Our God is pleased he created us, part of His world's designs.

On this River of Life we do travel, on daily voyages, each one,

Making amends for our troubles, our wrongful acts we've done.

If we are careful and are exacting, mistakes will never be made,

The debts we all owe will be forgiven, every bad one to be paid.


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