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The Richest Land


It rained today

A crystal clear color

Cleansing my soul

"They gassed the sky"

My grandmother will whisper

Pot in hand, a far-off look in her eye

Having seen the planes fly by

Not hours before

And I know she will be right

For I have seen them too

Sprouting a clear substance

The color of the rain

And my dad will pat my hair

Tell me I'm not going outside today

And curse because he has to pick mom up today

At night

When all the children have gone to sleep

And the lighting is dragging its friend away

They will converse

Being careful for us not to hear

For we are much to young to know the truth

"They don't care about us"

"We're being murdered slowly"

Weeks later my brother will cry

Because for the 1st time

He can't eat Apple Pie

And so will my sister

But I would think back to that game

Of run through the rain

And greet our parents

who sneeze at the dust on the mailbox now

Because it rained today

A crystal clear color

Cleansing the soul

© 2019 Ara Moonshine