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The Rhythm of the Falling Rain ~ a Poetic Tribute

John is a long-time poet, short fiction, and article writer. He loves story-telling and also has a Certificate in Permaculture Design.


Rain Isn’t Everyone’s Cup of Tea

I know that for many people living in countries and cities across the world that get frequent rain my love of rain may be a little hard to comprehend. I have read recent posts of people who have been enduring days, if not weeks, of torrential rain and will be praying for it to end.

However, living in a country like Australia where water and rainfall are scarce commodities we treasure every drop we get. I remember as a child it raining for days almost none-stop. My parents said the rain was it “set-in.” But truly, as an adult I can’t recall it ever being like that, or if so, very rarely.

At the moment it is raining here on and off. We had a substantial rainfall two days ago and it has rained spasmodically each day since. Instead of my usual routine of having to mow the lawn once every two months or so, it is now once per week. The grass is green though, big change from appearing brown and dead.

This time last year Australia was experiencing out of control bushfires (from which many areas are still trying to recover.) So, for those of you who are getting too much rain, just keep sending it Down Under. We will gladly welcome every rain drop.

“Please God, Let it Rain, Let it Rain.”

The pitter patter of the rain

Sooths my weary aching brain.

Listening to it's sweet refrain,

It eases off then starts again.

Beating against the window pane,

Along the gutters, down the drain.

Some think it goes against the grain,

The love of storms I can’t explain.

Long, unquenched droughts can be a sprain

With parched dry earth across the plain.

To crops and cattle it’s a bane,

We pray for it to rain again.

“Please God, let it rain, let it rain.”

Even Corgis love rain

Even Corgis love rain

Rainfall ~ an Acrostic Poem

Rainfall beating

Against the window

Is a blessing

Not a curse

For on it

All life depends

Learn the lesson

Love the rain


Heaven’s Storms ~ a Haiku

Rain is a blessing

Thunderstorms are from Heaven

Quenching Satan’s fires.


Just a Storm in a Teacup

First a gentle tapping

The rain grows heavier,

Attacking the iron roof

Like a sheet of corrected-iron dragged across concrete.

Just that harsh but steady sound

Until a sudden flash of light,

As a bolt of chain lightning

Connects the heavens and the Earth for just a moment.

I count the seconds that pass

As the sky grumbles and growls,

Like some angry fairytale giant

Suffering a severe bout of indigestion, “Fe fi fo fum..”

Or a musical God beating on

A heavenly drum and cymbals,

Ending in a violent crescendo

Drum roll please…ratatatat…dadadada…boom…crash!

Each second represents a mile

Or so the old wives tell their tales,

I count to ten ‘tween flash and boom

Unplug all major appliances from the elec-tri-city supply.

Candles ready as the lights flicker,

I sit back in my chair and sip my tea

And with pen in hand, I write this poem,

No need for worry or for fear, it’s all just a storm in a teacup.

© 2021 John Hansen