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The Resurrection of Our World


Must the raining of tears in our heavens,

Justify washing away all of the grime,

Those most of all the terrible conditions,

We've caused here in the course of time?

Mankind in our motion, forever to destroy,

All of this grand world that's to be so good,

Not in our obeying God's own teachings,

Though we everyone know that we should.

This blue planet of ours is forever to spin,

In the great universal confines of all space,

Holding the lives in their very special form,

And is now fast approaching such disgrace.

Destroying the very basis of the world's lives,

In fine wide oceans and our pristine streams,

Never in our holding those most responsible,

And as we're all to be living only in our dreams.


When will this earth relinquish our guilt,

on this planet, our lives all do depend,

As in becoming an empty tombstone now,

Without any chance to start over again?

No clean streams, purest ocean habitats,

The freshest air we all need to breathe,

Is a poor example of the creation's goals,

This earth's fate was not His to conceive.

Tomorrow is still just another fine new day,

there's little time for us that we now have left,

The few of all greediness and corrupted ways,

taking so much pride in their most evil theft.

When shall the people take a united stand,

And for each of us to say "Not ever again!"

For there's always a reason for every rhyme,

Not meant in our living this terrible life of sin.


Our God sitting in his realm of Heaven,

so watching us here below on this earth,

Making His final decision in ending all life,

that we're not living up to our own worth.

Some sad day to occur and so very soon,

We shall feel His great wrath, of its worst.

Those guilty ones among the population,

So meeting their ends, will all leave first.

We should now all get down on our knees,

Then each one asking for us to be forgiven,

A terrible shame we've brought on the world,

As we have been so self-destructive driven.

Perhaps He now will have his own new plan,

This to be saving us all from a sudden end,

Forever then to survive and never to connive,

Every creature on our earth to comprehend.


© 2018 whonunuwho

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