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The Rendezvous

Daydreaming nihilist. Code maniac with a coffee addiction. Music, movie buff. High functioning alcoholic.

Gleaming lights, gloomy shadows
Neither moved her like lush green meadows
Pacing through work, swearing at life
Switching places much to her dislike
How could she know the marks she left behind
Would make someone yearn to go back in time
Someone she said she least anticipated
Yet, being with her, the someone never regretted
Saving each other was not on charts
Broken pieces resonated like connected parts
Smokes to booze, restaurants to choose
I found someone I never want to lose
Unaware of her fear, I reckoned I was clear
Affection, connection and burning passion
Set dreams on fire and emotions of desire
Who is I? Who was she?
Like the shining sun on sparkling sea?
In her eyes, I could see
Years of agony now set free
All colours she hid within, put rainbows to shame
But skies once blue turn grey, endlessly weeping with rain
Months passed, memories of the past
Still, haunt like wailing gallows
Once valiant, ready to dive
In oceans of depth unfathomable
My heart is now crawling in the shallow
Lonely nights, longing eyes
Waiting for your sight
Scared to love, unable to stay
You know, you're right.
                                                            - Amulya

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