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The Remembrance of Slavery

A passionate writer who is currently pursuing a degree in English Double Major.

The Remembrance of Slavery

Do you recall the days of slavery?

How those white soldiers came and

Chained our hands and feet in shackles

How could this be?

Our own has sold us out

Thrown aboard and packed tightly together

Set for a journey that was unknown.

Do you recall the days of slavery?

Lost in desperation

as I watched my fellowmen starved and whipped to death.

Women and girls being exploited

I hang my head in despair.

What have we done?

Are we being punished for being black?

Do you recall the days of slavery?

We worked in the fields with long hours

Spent in the hot sun,

Supervised by overseers

Who were quick to whip us

as an example, to others.

Do you recall the days of slavery?

We got up and fought for ourselves.

We set fire to their cane fields

and destroyed their live stocks.

We showed them that we were educated

Which created dissatisfaction in their minds

as they knew we were a powerful race.

Author: Nicole Johnson

© 2022 Nicole Johnson

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