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The Relation Which Never Die


We have created this relationship

that is more delicate than a thread.

If you break it ,the relationship will break.

If you set fire, relationships get burnt.

Relationships are made of happiness, sadness & pain.

Hate & jealousy break the relationships.

How is this bond?

When you hurt yourself,

others shed tears on us

Your own Can not bear the separation,

when you go away from your own.

By Laughing and laughing this relationship

brings happiness in the relationships.

The relationship

which does not even break after death

The relation which is immortal.

The relation which is best in the world.


Relationships are made only by love.

They are joined by suffering,

relationships, relationships, these are blood relations.

Support in happiness and sorrow.

When you feel alone

The relationships suffering in loneliness.

Relationships are like the burning aura in darkness

Let's wait, this relationship.

Concerned, burns in the pyre, this relationship.

Just! Leave the relationship there,

leave it, we die.

After taking second birth,

we come to maintain relationships,

and to fulfill the relationship which never die!


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