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The Reject of a Heart That Loves

Endy is a lover of and a practicing writer. He is always learning ways to improve while spilling his gut. He sees writing as life.


Stanza I

Walking through the quiet wool of nature’s beautiful garden
He was ceased by the power and awe of amazement and wonder
Because he met nature in its infinite harmony and tone:
The symphony of the great praise singing birds,
The chattering of the forest Mona- and Columbus monkey,
The hooting of the groom and the bridal Western owl,
The blend of the harmony of nature coming together, and alive.
Awe finds its way into his already confused, soften, and quieted soul
He had been heartbroken, dispirited, mind lost, and body weak
Now he needs a mammoth of comfort to call himself off,
A call-off from the wound of thoughts and endless wonders


He, who finds love finds the long-standing yearnings deep within every human soul. For in love, the five-dimensional nature of man finds harmony in a blend of pleasure and pain.

— Endurance AUF Noble

Stanza II

Today makes the third week since they had met on the elevator
He had fallen under her charm even before their eyes met
Something he hadn’t done years before, and behind
Because he was a deeply melancholic and critical soul
But meeting Amanda, he met his own Rosalinda roses
And things took a swift turn and he hadn’t any control of himself
He blipped fast, and quickly, and took a wooing shot
He asked for a date and a walk side-by-side through the wool
A request which was pleasantly granted to his surprise
O’ hurting had been latent in his critical melancholic soul
And that Wednesday three weeks back was a simple prove
Amanda: the igniter of his own soul and pleasant passion for love


Stanza III

He won at once on his first shot everything he asked for;
Ha has had a slow, and then a fast and furious kiss
His entwined soul walks in pair with Amanda’s through the wool
O’ the passion that glows under nature’s blessings of romance:
The glittering of the silhouette of young and joyous morning sun,
The gentle caressing whisper of the cone-shaped whispering pine,
The billow of the tenderly falling and ‘pilgriming’ leaves.
That day he met Amanda, nature showcased her loving might
Every sound, and every chatter, and every glitter was a sweet love pill
Perhaps, that day was his only day—a day of exotic ethereal love
Of beauty, and of love, and of romance, and of ecliptic kisses


Stanza IV

Lined, and standing on the same spot in ecclesiastical thoughts
He replayed the mental video of all the passionate moment had
He watched mentally scene-by-scene as he steps and paces
He craves the real-life replay of events past and forever lost
He fast-forward to the slow scene, and then, to the fast scene
He gasps uncontrollably for air as he dreams awake and alive
The birds chatter and sing, jumping branch-by-branch, and tree-to-tree
O’ he felt a sour because Amanda, his sweet Rosalinda flower is gone
Realizing he had found love so quickly, and loosed it even faster
He designated himself a reject of brief romance and swift loving dream
The wool and everything remains, but Amanda?—a paradise lost

Opinion Pull:

The Power of the String of Love

Love for many is a sweet knitting mystery—joining dust to souls; and hairs to jaws. Somehow we can’t explain how and where the string is attached, but we feel the attraction and tightening of our soul—inner and abstract being to another. Somewhere deep within, we felt this string pulling our souls together with that of someone else.

— Endurance AUF Noble

© 2017 Ajodo Endurance Uneojo

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