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The Red Bowl Centerpiece

A new house, new possessions. I set my table for two waiting for you. Alone, my magic lying in the red bowl centerpiece

Kirsten Dunst from "Melancholia"

Kirsten Dunst from "Melancholia"

A souvenir I'll never lose
I've written in the lines
Pages worn a friendship torn
Memory is abundant, redundant
Makes me paranoid
Lockets wrapped in hearts
Sachets and faded Polaroids
Are locked and unavailable
Inarticulated, untouched
Like bones that fell apart

The sorrow in this cup
Pours down like the tears
of Mater Dolorosa
Onto the table and chairs
Burden of her sacred sorrow
I ask of the center White Seer
The place setting for a ghost.
Will the intention and the tears
Bring you out of the locket?
Divining from a Red Bowl Center