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The Reason I Run

Each one of my poems and short stories are little pieces of my heart and soul. I don't like to share them but someone told me I should...

The Reason I Run

Deep Conversation and
Walking in circles
Not knowing where we’re going
Not once did I feel the need to escape

Walking in circles
Following your lead
Listening to your brilliant mind
You know I love to hear you speak

Just being near you
Brought me comfort
I believed you the day
You wrapped your arms around me
And whispered, “You’re safe.”

But I knew you weren’t.

I wanted to run
From that breathless feeling
Every time I saw you
I wanted to run
From the pounding in my heart
Every time your eyes met mine.

You weren’t safe from my toxicity
I never knew how to accept love
I never knew how to be okay
With someone treating me
With respect and kindness
I ran as fast as I could
And when you still said you loved me
I sabotaged any chance of a future

And then I saw you again
And I felt like your presence
Consumed me like it always has
Stronger than the first day
I saw you from across the way
That day I heard you speak
Stronger than the first stroll
We took just before midnight
That day your thoughts hooked me in

The reason I run from you...

© 2022 Grace Peterson

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