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The Real or Imagined Confrontation with the Past

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Envisioned in the recesses of the mind

A demented fantasy, or nightmare, depending of who asked

Crosses paths with the past love who recently exited

From the cinematic screen in my private world

Chose to cut themselves out of the story

Due to their own flaws and personal detriments

Too much baggage and not enough kindness to spare

Eager to close this painful and long term chapter

Ready to turn the page into a private journey of single healing

Hesitant to turn to another chapter with another scene partner

Not ready to trust someone else after being burned so badly

Still recovering from some of the emotional imagined physical wounds

Wondered secretly what it would be like to see them again

Gaining proper closure and having maybe one polite conversation

Saying goodbyes and wishing them well as you both moved on

Recently, began imagining the metaphorical scene in my head

Walking around the local mall aimlessly from store to store

Shopping for holiday gifts for the family

Realizing that you don't have to get one for the first time

To the one who broke your heart only a few months ago

A reality of the end of a relationship and the time together

No longer a heart broken up by someone unworthy of it

Wondered what it would be like to see my ex again

Not to reunite with them; that's been off the table

For months now and unwilling to repeat the past

No way to fix long ago mistakes for a second chance

Sure, there are rare moments when do overs happen

Both parties mature enough to ban together for the future

Usually, past problems still exist in the present

This scene was just a polite meeting between former lovers

Now strangers in their own separate lives and paths

Chemistry and attraction no longer existed

Cord has been permanently severed for the better

No longer feel the need to hug and kiss them

Wanting to be the right amount of cordial

Sacrificing the need to punch them in the face very hard

Given up the interest in a lost future trapped on a deserted island

Plans of marriage and children no longer part of the equation

Ready to say farewell to the person I once knew and loved

Maybe, one day we'll be friends or simply casual acquaintances

Who used to date one another a lifetime ago

More than likely we'll say goodbye and never cross paths again

Personally, would prefer the last option in order to move on

Changing the dynamic of a failed relationship never went well

Moving on full speed ahead was the way to go

Provided better healing; instead of repeating same mistakes

The end.

So many choices, so little time.

So many choices, so little time.

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