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The Radiance of Hope- on Brenda's Week 7 Prompt Hope

Misbah has always wanted to pursue writing as a career. She loves to do poetry in her free time. She loves to write on different topics...

The Back Stage Story

These poems are written in response to a beautiful co-author and a loving friend, "Brenda". She is providing us prompt word challenge every week and many of us love to participate, where others love and enjoy reading. This week's word prompt is hope. So now, without wasting any time, we will be heading over it. Tighten the seat belts and get ready for the ride on the Hope Coaster.

What is Hope?

Our desire to make our life better in some way is what we call hope, because if we envision a better future, this will motivate us to work and take the necessary steps to achieve it, and distract us from its quantity and how it is part of everyone’s life, so we all hope for something, in fact, it is an inherent part of being human. Hope helps us to define what we want in our future, its definition can differ depending on the context of the conversation, when we talk about hope in a spiritual and religious context, hope then may mean our belief that good things will happen with faith and good thinking in God and supplication, but for others it maybe different, Hope is always looking at the bright side and seeing challenges as opportunities and taking advantage of them, in other words, always hoping for the best, but whatever the details and circumstances, hope in its general sense means the desire to change things for the better, and the desire for the best.

Find God, hope in our mundane mercy of us, for example, without the hope of healing to killing the patient's delusions, and no hope for a prisoner in the freedom to have committed suicide, and no hope for the believer in paradise for the patience of the slaves of God on any scourge or calamity befell him, it is the hope that the energy is capable of turning you into a hurricane running over the mountain tops and crossing distances without weakness, humiliation or intimidation, but in the end, only the sincere person with high energy and constant certainty in God, glorifies his ability and good thinking in him.

When we have hope, we are in a position to fight to achieve our goals and desires.

Hope- A will to Live

In difficult times, such as when we lose a loved one or cannot find a job, hope visits us so we can get up and move on. And this is a great travel companion to withstand the setbacks of life. Even the scientific world considers that hope also exerts a healing force and influences our health. Being positive to face a disease can help alleviate it, for example. Certainly, the 'will to live' dramatically prolongs life in some patients. Therefore, you should never lose hope.

Sunrise a hope

Each Dawn brings a new day,

washing away

the stains and dust of the

empty spirit of each past day with the light of hope .

You want to hide yourself!

The heart does not obey, it

sheds light from the eyes.

In life there is no hope

of avoiding pain:

that you can find in

the soul the strength to bear it.

Blind, don't you know that coming and going

walk the same path?

If you block the way on the outward journey,

you lose hope of returning ...

A hope should never die

A hope should never die

Never Lose Faith and Hope

No matter how life beats, you never lose hope,

No matter how fate hates you, no matter

how it burns all bridges to ashes,

Only in life, the fortress of spirit is strong.

And as soon as good comes after evil,

Everything in the world has its own price as before -

never lose faith and hope

Until death comes to take you

Blessed ray of sunshine

Never lose hope, don't get tired of believing in the future.
Never give up hope, even if the edge of the abyss.

Never lose hope; boldly hold on to life.
Amid pain, fear, despair, fight for it, fight!

Never lose hope and believe that among the black clouds,
A blessed ray of sunshine will break through the window of the hospital.

Never lose hope, keep the good faith!
Never lose hope! LIVE, NATIVE! LIVE!

© 2021 Misbah Sheikh

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