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The RHYMES of the Apes

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy.


RHYMES of the Apes

Will’s a pharmacy chemist.

He and his team invented.

A drug for those like me.

He tested on many.

But I was different.

& will knew all about it.

My mom was his last test.

She was killed after the process.

That drug made her smart.

Before death, she gave me a part.

I have my mom's intelligence.

Will immediately noticed it.

He's reluctant, but takes me.

I grew on him and was chosen to be.

His close and personal friend.

Our friendship never looked to end.

After a while, Will decided.

To introduce me to the forest

I roamed around within it.

I didn't know I was a monkey.

As I grew, I questioned my ID.

But found my true heritage.

I learned how to speak english.

One day the authorities.

Took me and placed me.

In a home with those alike.

In that home, I saw the light.

I really felt like I was home.

So I started building my throne.

I was caged, but I unlocked it.

I put myself in position.

To lead the ape kingdom.

Now others shout Hail Ceaser.

When I went back to the forest.

I made the final decision.

To lead my own kind.

I realized that it's time.

They became smart like me.

Their leader, I came to be.

Will attempted to being me home.

But I refused to go.

I know where I am needed.

The dead planet has risen.



It's been years and Ceaser loves it.

He helped to resurrect a planet.

Now there are intelligent apes.

But what made them smart takes.

It takes the lives of humans.

& it makes his kind intelligent.

It has helped them to all escape.

& it has helped them to create.

To create a place for their kind.

The ape planet now thrives.

Ceaser has taken the lead.

He has built his fighting team.

He's mastered the language.

But still still sees anguish.

Anguish from the humans.

He knows that they all aren't perfect.

His team did not war.

But for their home they fight for.

The humans get the message.

But he too learns a lesson.

That sometimes it is his own.

That looks to take the throne.

His name was Koba.

He was accusing Ceaser.

Of loving the human beings.

He intends to take the lead.

When Ceaser falls he gets it.

He then plans retaliation.

Koba makes orders immediately.

& his lead the apes are following.

Koba displays his violence.

Koba dislays his corruption.

But Ceaser is not alive.

He rises and Koba dies.


War Rhymes

Two years after the military tried.

To fight off an intelligent tribe.

Ceaser and his ape clan.

Came together to fight man.

Service apes called Donkeys.

Were former followers of an enemy.

Became apart of Ceasers team.

& Cesear starts a family.

But during a sudden attack.

A donkey gorilla they catch.

Along with four human soldiers.

But the apes were kept after capture.

Meanwhile, Ceaser get's a message.

Koba's dead and they know he did it.

They as in the humans.

But the Apes began to notice.

That one of their own is missing.

Winter betrayed the ape family.

Ceasers family's killed that night.

Then the apes are ready to fight.

During it, they find a safe haven.

Across the desert and it's perfect.

The apes head for the haven.

Ceaser avenges the fallen.

They cross but suffer casualties.

That includes, their leader dying.

Ceaser's looses his life gracefully.

Now he's rejoined with his family.

He lived and fulfilled his purpose.

He resurrected a dying nation.

Ceaser died with a great legacy.

Even in death, he had the victory.

© 2022 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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