The RHYMES Destination

Updated on December 14, 2017

Final Destination

A group of seniors boards a flight.
Heading overseas for a few nights.
Going on their annual senior trip.
But before the flight senior ALEX.
Alex has a premonition about the plane.
He sees poor health on the outside of the plane.
Feeling the plane may suffer engine failure.
Causing a huge mid-air explosion.
His premonition leads to panic.
Leading him off the flight ranting.
He's off the flight with his friends. .
They witness the flight leaving
His friends think that he is crazy.
Until they see it actually happening.
The FBI quickly steps in.
Believing that Alex planned the explosion.
39 days later those still alive.
Attend a service for those that died.
Later that night one of them is killed.
They deemed it a suicide but he was killed.
Alex believes it too.
He is out to prove it too.
Alex finds out in the midst.
That death is mad at Alex.
Because Alex ruined its plans.
So they need to cheat death again.
They encounter the rest of the survivors.
Alex is provoked by CARTER.
Terry storms out in anger.
But is killed moments after.
They see a report on the explosion.
Alex realizes after watching it.
That all looks to be happening.
Just the way it was supposed to happen.
Alex sees it he tries to stop it.
Some of the survivors lose their lives.
But some of them survive.

Devon Sawa
Alex Browning
Ali Larter
Clear Rivers
Kerr Smith
Carr Horton

Final Destination 2

KIMBERLY CORMAN is heading to Florida.
To spend spring break in Daytona.
While on her way she dreams.
Of a group of logs falling.
Falling from a semi-truck.
Those under it won't have luck.
An accident occurs killing all involved.
She the dream makes Kimberly stall.
She stalls her car on the entrance ramp.
No one can enter on the ramp.
She gets questioned by a local deputy.
The cars held back are piling.
Her friends are killed by a speeding truck.
Kimberly's saved but notices that it's luck.
The survivors are brought to the police station.
They learn that a curse is chasing.
Chasing them id the curse from flight 180.
That curse involves them all dying.
Afire breaks out at Evan's house.
But EVAN manages to barely slip out.
THOMAS researches the survivors of the flight.
Hoping the survivors can shed some light.
But one of the survivors doesn't want to help.
But warns Kimberly to look out for the death.
She advises Kimberly to look for the signs.
Kimberly sure looks for the signs.
She later finds how to defeat death.
Believing that ISABELLA's gift.
Her gift of life may be the end.
So they track down her in a stolen van.
They take her into custody.
While the survivors reunite for safety.
They also discover they cheated death.

Ali Larter
Clear Rivers
A.J Cook
Kimberly Corman
Micheal Landes
Thomas Burke

Final Destination 3

WENDY CHRITENSEN visis an amusement park.
She and some friends go on rides in the park.
Before getting on one she has a dream.
That the ride will break and everything.
Everything on it will be dead.
A fight breaks out and people are led.
People are led off before it even begins.
Turns out that those people are her friends.
While off they see the ride start.
They also see the ride fall apart.
They see those remaining all die.
Afterwards, they just cry.
Weeks later KEVIN does research.
He informs Wendy of Flight 180 curse.
Wendy feels that Kevin's deriding her.
Until an incident assures her.
That death is really after them.
Wendy and Kevin seek after them.
They try to save them all.
But end only two stands tall.

Mary Elizabeth Winested
Wendy Christensen
Ryan Merriman
Kevin Fischer
Kris Lemche
Ian McKinley

Final Destination 4

College Student NICK attends a race.
He's accompanied by his classmates.
He has a premonition of an accident.
As a result, the stadium collapses.
Nick Panics about what he envisioned.
He argues with his friends about it.
He is then chased out of the stadium.
The accident occurs moments later.
Several days after the disaster.
CARTER stills try to wonder.
Wonder how things will be if GEORGE.
Let him save his wife like he hoped for.
Carter actually started blaming him.
Moments late his truck takes him.
A few more friends are killed off.
Nick figures his friends are paying the cost.
Paying the cost of those that cheated death.
But his friends think they beat death.
They celebrate it instead.
But they all end up dead.

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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