The RHYMES Before Christmas

Updated on November 25, 2017

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.


ETHAN MILLER lost both of his parents.
Since that time his friends spent Christmas.
Decided Christmas eve to resolve it.
The friends learned of the Nut Cracker ball.
They decided to attend the ball.
At first, they could not find the Party.
But they continued without the party.
Years later they make a decision.
To end the longtime tradition.
Because they had their own lives.
They decided to make this sacrifice.
Ethan's struggles as a musician.
Caused him to be an elf serving.
Serving orders in a restaurant.
He finds tickets he knew his friends will want.
Tickets to the Nut Cracker ball.
They made plans to attend the ball.
They all met up at Issac's.
They talk about the tradition.
Talking about ending it.
But doesn't think Ethan will handle it.
Prior to them leaving.
Issac's wife gives him secretly.
A box of full of drugs.
Telling him to get messed up.
Messed up and have some fun.
Enjoying themselves and having fun.
Being escorted in a limo.
Stopping at major sites before the show.


After a sentimental speech by Ethan.
He surprises them with the tickets.
Telling them the tradition's ending.
They agree to site see until the party.
Making music before the Party.
Talking about smoking weed.
They all agree they need more weed.
Chris wants more to impress his team.
So they all go to Mr. Green.
Meanwhile, Ethan is reluctant.
Wanting his friends to focus.
Focus on their tradition.
Hoping weed doesn't destroy their Christmas.
Green offers them a supply.
They send Chris to test the supply.
Chris walks up to the car.
Seeing Mr. Green looking like a star.
Chris talks to Mr. Green.
He supplied them when they were teens.
After obtaining the weed.
They decide to do Karaoke.
They go to a bar.
And run into an old star.
An old star that was in Ethan's book.
While Issac suffers from the drugs he took.
He runs in the bathroom to get high.
While Chris continues to try.
To try to please his teammates.
Issac feels this baby is a mistake.
He tells that to his wife.
While Chris screws up his life.
Screws it by falling for a supposed fan.
But shes really a thief with a plan.


After bleeding from his brain.
Issac is going insane.
Chris says he needs to be sober.
For the party, they'd attend later.
So he offers Isaac more weed.
Then realizing that fan stole the weed.
So they contact Mr. Green
Hoping he'd supply what Issacc needs.
They meet Mr. Green.
To obtain more weed.
This time Isaac tests it.
Mr. Green sends him a message.
That his daughter will be a stripper.
He will be a loser.
His wife blames it all on him.
Whatever he smoked scared him.


Ethan and Diana talk at the bar.
She reveals why they did not go far.
She wanted him to meet her parents.
But he had no intentions.
No intentions of being committed.
After the talk he regrets it.
After seeing multiple signs.
Ethan came to realize.
That Diana should've never been gone.
He nor Diana can really move on.
She admits to missing him.
He admits the wrong done by him.
She lets him come and meet her parents.
Ethan's ready to be committed.


He may have supplied them as teens.
On a regular basis, he gave them weed.
He was there for them on every angle.
He really was a guardian angel.

Joseph Gorden-Levitt
Ethan Miller
Seth Rogan
Isaac GreenBerg
Anthony Mackie
Chris Roberts
Micheal Shannon
Mr. Green


Chris, Ethan, and Issac had trials.
All three of them were in denial.
Using weed to keep them calm.
But the weed only harmed.
Harmed their friendship.
Mr.Green showed it to them.
Chris cheated on his wife.
Trying to live a life.
Live life for his team.
While Issacc was fixing to leave.
Leave his pregnant wife.
Because he wanted to live the life.
The life of a drug addict.
He reconsidered it.
Ethan may not have done any drugs.
But he missed Diana's love.
The group briefly split up.
But in the end, they made up.

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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