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The Quiet in the Courtroom Was Loud


The Justice system shouldn't give chase,

it was an open and closed case,

but the air in that courtroom was antagonizing,

and the wait for the verdict was agonizing,

the quiet in the courtroom was loud,

it carried out into the hallway

like a smoke cloud,

and it had nothing to say,

no news, a quiet riot,

the only shouting came from the jury room upstairs,

as the family stares,

12 jurors, emotion flares,

some really care,

fair was fair,

and all the news media was there,

waiting to spread their share,

the waiting burns,

and the attorney could offer a plea

before the jury returns,

but what kind of plea?

The murderer was over eighty years old,

truth be told,

and without shedding a tear,

he'd be dead within a year,

So either way, there would be no punishment,

Guilty, he goes to prison,

clothes on his back, shoes on his feet,

Not Guilty, he goes back out on the street,

the situation could make anyone cry,

so why the court case,

why would anyone testify,

the murderer knew his place,

needles and pins,

if he loses he wins,

and if he wins, he wins...


© 2018 Frank Atanacio

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