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The Queen of Night

This short narrative poem about the queen of night who controls and governs one and all.

Night Queen

The queen of night arrived
Noiselessly with footsteps light
She might be on the hunt
For the ones who played truant
From her assembly at midnight
Where she herself keeps a vigil
Over who comes well in time
Before the routine bell chimes

Lost as I was in the thoughts
Of a beautiful and fair maiden
Who has of late quite sheepishly
Made her way into my heart
I couldn't keep track of time
And failed to listen to the chime
That was too loud to be

Angered over my seeming insolence
Night Queen waved her magic wand thrice
And before I could realize
Drowsiness fell heavily on my eyes

Transported I was in no time
To her realm that was so sublime
That I couldn't resist the temptation
Of taking there some respite

Too confounded to understand
How and when did I land
In her too grand an empire

I lay in state of bewilderment
For how long, I know not
Till I heard the Queen shout
In a voice that was both
loud and clear
Commanding me to be
more alert in future
Failing which, she said,
she would drive me out
From her realm for ever.

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