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The Pursuant of Simplicity: A Look Into My Simple Mind

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  

Begin by Thinking About This Quote


First Stop: Introducing the Theme

I post here today with sheer inspiration. An instantaneous inspiration. Sometimes I get an idea or thought and bury myself in putting that thought down on paper. I like to make it poetic—I hope it is. Then, I gather that single thought or sometimes a few and put them here for others to read. It is usually my observations of life--how I live it compared to the world of people I view around me.

Today, if you read this, you will follow the path of my thoughts—in order. I will lay them out the way they came to me. A simple track that talks about a simple me and how I view things in this life in my own simple way. I live, but it can be complicated. Lost already? Keep on the path, please.

First Thought: A Simple Truth - Poem

I am lost in my poet’s mind today.

A grapple with fears, pain, disdain.

I solemnly envision an epic escape.

I am questioning the faults of my fate.

The shame of being alive in turmoil.

It is an agony I cannot show remorse.

You see, it is not that I have failed to flow.

It is more I am happier without that glow.

A valued success in the eyes of others.

I did not find this. I did not desire bliss.

Instead, a life of simplicity struggled.

A true self dying to be seen as notable.

Not for popularity or wealth, but for

The wisdom of intuition inside myself.

A simple thing that is easy to establish.

Yet, most see it as an embarrassing madness.

Therefore, we are chained in the world of sick.

The falseness of ifs. If we are not forged

In fake—if we are not rich in filthy coins,

Then life is pointless. Suicide scorned.

I am woken to the blindness of this reality.

I feel finished with the judgments of a

Modern totality. I am a simple-minded witch

living a simple existence, b***h.


Second Stop: I Found This After I Wrote the Poem. It Explained My Thoughts Exactly.

Second Thought: The Unseen Matrix: So Many Lost Souls-Poem

As I know, life is so much more

Than material possessions…

As I know, I find my strength in

My neglect of this.

I am still a human in the 21st century

Amongst the snide era of greed and

Hypocrisy. We who have found sanity

Out of this matrix, realize love can only be

Borrowed since we fail at perfection. We are not

Looked at with any admiration. I have learned

This living so long in regret with my natural

Draw to not needing to OWN anything.

I have never wanted to gather beauty,

Wealth, or the myths that make us worthy.

Oh, I have tried to play the game. I have

Lost myself at times doing so for love.

Lessons that have brought me back to

Inner freedom. The ability to ignore

Naysayers and their judgments. The

Longevity to manifest a pure life of

Wisdom and courage. It has not

Always been ideal. We can sometimes

Find ourselves lost when we are alone.

I have, through the years, referenced.

I as being single in a bubble. Discovering

The realization that I was not the one living in

Confinement. It remains the ones who cannot

Place their individualities or grasp nature.

My kind has become small, but we few

View the beauty within the earth, not of unearthly

Gifts. We can appreciate a tree, butterfly,

Birds, and even dirt. The space of it-

Seeps into our souls and verifies our

Worth in a way most humans cannot.

Beings are lost in this world but are not

Captured for good. Simplicity, if one finds it,

Allows a simple life of FREEDOM FOREVER!

And god, I do hope you find it!!

Third Stop: The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. Watch and Listen. Do You Relate?

Finally, I place this Prince song here out of intuition. I have not heard this song in years. I do not even think about this song. It was not a favorite Prince song of mine. However, it kept playing in my head as I wrote my poems. I can only assume it was a sign to put it at the end of this article. To further my purpose for placing it. Later in the day, as I finished my poems, I sat down to watch a little TV, and a documentary about Prince's life happened to be playing. The documentary talks about his turmoil in life. The success that brought him to a dark place. Did Prince put this song in my head? Who knows. But I think it was meant to be here.

A Song Representing the Sickness of this World:

And Finally...The Struggles and Lies Brought Me Here.


I Want to Know Your Thoughts

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