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The Purpose of Reflecting and Keeping a Positive Focus: A Thanksgiving Poem

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


My Thoughts on this Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving to All! I am writing this on the eve of this holiday, and it was important for me to set a tone for the theme that would incorporate the happenings in America today, but also to focus on how the holiday came to be. How history has for many, many, years, fought to bring us to a very diverse world, and how crucial it is to continue along that path and do our best to keep traveling ahead and not to trail backwards.

Many of us are doing our best to keep this positive outlook for our future with the upsetting outcome of our latest presidential election. No doubt, we will have to fight every year to work in a way that does not divide what we should all believe America stands for.

This does not only affect America though. It affects the world, and our communication with other countries. To have a President elect now that threatens to build walls and throw out immigrants in alarming rates is a concern for our values as Americans. We must keep our heads up, and not bow down to a government that should work for us, not against us. We must continue to voice our concerns and opinions. Please be aware the smallest voice of reason could move a mountain. With the invention of social media and its popularity rising, everyone has a voice now. Though some are negative in nature, I truly believe love will always trump hate.

So, please keep writing, protesting, talking with others and forming friendships around the world and in our own country. Never give up on swaying the people who do not believe in a positive and peaceful world that there is the possibility in all of us to find freedom. Most of all, be thankful for what you have today, and humble to the greed of others. Find the importance in daily living. I Thank You!

The Story of the First Thanksgiving Reflects on What Truly Makes America...America!

Websites and Different Ways to Help Standing Rock #NoDAPL

Stand with Standing Rock

Let's Stand Together #NoDAPL

Before you read my poem, I hope that you truly take heart to what this holiday means for American tradition and our way of life. Right now, as I type, our friends the Sioux Indians in North Dakota are protesting a pipeline that will destroy their land and livelihood. This is unfair and should not be an issue in our world today. Dangerous retaliation from law enforcement is taking place. Water cannons in freezing weather among other extreme tactics have been taken to keep the Sioux people along with many other protesters of diverse culture at bay. This is unlawful, and I ask you to keep them in your prayers this holiday.

There are many websites that are taking donations. If you cannot afford donations, make sure you hashtag #NoDAPL in your Facebook and Twitter comments to show support and hopefully get President Obama to fight harder for a solution. Thanks!


The Eve of Reflection (Thanksgiving)

Is this not the Eve of

grace, a day to reflect

of yesterday’s fate?

To be set in a mental

focus, to share thanks

and giving to all

ere long.

We atone even to the

ones whom declared a


that would base our lives

with unfairness...

from vain inclinations

about our world, we

shall tomorrow forget

absurd inclusions.

Na’er to let the vile days

blow those gray clouds

upon our respected homage...

a pilgrimage to the natives'

land, a history unforgotten.

And the turkey shall gobble

in a brilliant remembrance of a

great merge of oneness...

descending colorful leaves blown

from the trees a humbleness

falling within us.

So, cast aside the humans

of hateful determination...

Saying our prayer to all

the world for another

Thanksgiving is upon us...

© 2016 Missy Smith


Missy Smith (author) from Florida on January 02, 2017:

Thank you very much, Salina Bujosa. :)

Salina Bujosa on January 02, 2017:

Great post!

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on November 26, 2016:

Wonderful. I think you will be great at it. I also think you will find how you put your words together for your poem inspiring. Poetry is an expression of your deep inner self. It usually stays hidden in day to day life.

I am still new at writing poetry myself. I didn't start writing it until I came to HP and decided that I was going to join the other poets here. I didn't think I could do it, but I think it has been my hidden talent all along. Well, that's what I want to believe anyway.

Yes, music is poetry. I love music and find inspiration a lot in music and song. I find it in all art forms. Poetry is beauty that way. There really is no form of writing purer than poetry. I'm glad you have decided to give it a try, Rodric. :)

Rodric Anthony Johnson from Surprise, Arizona on November 26, 2016:

Missy, I think that I am changing my tune about poetry. I think I should explore that part of literature more since I felt inspired to write a poem. I love music, which is poetry put to music. I think you may have convinced me to open my heart to this form of expression.

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on November 25, 2016:

I'm sad that you don't like poetry Rodric. Even so, I'm pleased you made an exception for my poem today.

As far as who or who is not in office, that subject will continue to be debatable even though we have to move passed it now. However, I knew it would be a theme this year at the Thanksgiving family get together, and so, I hoped for the best and wrote my thoughts down about that.

Hope is a good theme to hang onto these days isn't it? :) Thanks for giving my poetry a read. I "hope" your Thanksgiving was a peaceful one.

Rodric Anthony Johnson from Surprise, Arizona on November 24, 2016:

I do not like to read poetry, but I made and exception for this poem because it was under the Thanksgiving holiday. I cannot say I agree politically about who is in office, but I understand the need to connect and feel united.

I love America and the heritage we share--the bitter struggle of many people from slaves, abused natives, second-class women and so forth. We have come so far as a nation but yet have so far to go. I hope we as a people can rise together in unity and put that tired political distraction aside.

There is hope for us. As long as a woman or man has passion in his heart for unity, there is hope. Thanks for your poem.

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on November 24, 2016:

I hear what you're saying, Bill. I do not enjoy the holidays anymore, but I try very hard for my family's sake.

I woke up this morning and felt I needed to get away even if it was for 5 minutes, so I rode to the post office. I didn't go yesterday; it gave me a good excuse. I kept thinking I didn't want to go back, but I don't want to keep riding around in this town either. I feel smothered by everything. I know something is missing in my life, but I have no time to think about myself, so I just try to be as happy as I can.

Whatever haunts you during the holidays, I hope you find some solace in your family and friends today. You are a wonderful person, and I'm thankful that I can call you my friend. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your lovely wife, and peace be with you always my dear friend. :)

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on November 24, 2016:

Most people don't know this, but I struggle with the holidays, for a number of reasons, so today is a tough one. Still, I will hold my head up and join my family in a celebration, and after 68 years I can find, if I really strain, many things to be thankful for.

I think I'll keep the news off the television today so that one day I'm able to give thanks without hearing stories which make me wonder if there is any hope for this society.

Have a peaceful day, Missy!

Missy Smith (author) from Florida on November 23, 2016:

Thank you, Jodah. I really didn't want to talk too much about what we all are witnessing and living through at this moment. I do feel it is important to move ahead. However, we do not need to sweep unfair happenings under the rug and think they will disappear either. I feel we are living in crucial times, and any voice that can help motivate our government to wake up and make correct decisions is a must. I can't do much, but I can try to voice what I believe to be right with hopes the message will be passed on.

It will be officially Thanksgiving here in about fifteen minutes now. I want to wake up and be thankful for the things I have and pray for the people who I know are having a lot of hardship on this day. The Sioux Indians in North Dakota for sure. I cannot believe the atrocity that I'm witnessing through social media and television. I don't understand, but pray for it to stop. We haven't heard much from President Obama, but that he was negotiating a different route for that pipeline, but that's been days now. I feel that he is working steady on this issue though. I know he is a good man. I hope for the best.

If there was only a way to overturn the Presidential outcome as well. The popular vote count as of today has Hillary with a strong 2 million vote lead. It just doesn't seem fair. The electoral college votes must be taken out of this process. Most of us don't even know what the hell that is anyway, and it makes the peoples votes not matter. I have to ask why do we even vote if our vote is not the deciding factor?

With all this still happening in the world right now, I will still be thankful for today, and pray for a better tomorrow.

I was listening to Bob Marley as I was writing, and as I always like to put a song with my hubs, The Redemption Song seemed to fit at the time. It moved me at the moment, and it always motivates me to be thankful, but also continue to fight for freedom of rights and peace. The same message I hope this hub expressed.

Thanks again! Happy Thanksgiving!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on November 23, 2016:

Very poignant reflections in this hub, Missy. Good poetry as always, and I love The Redemption Song. As you say, "we need to continue to go forward." Happy Thanksgiving.

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