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Updated on July 11, 2018
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I am a simple girl that has an addiction to God, Christ, And The Holy Universe

The Heart Is Also The Center Of Our Psychonautic Powers

He Will Understand

Aristotle's Wisdom

Search For The Truth

Of God Through


He Will Understand

That We Should Accept

God's Existence Blindly

Without Testing Whether

God Is A Reality Or An


He Will Understand

To Study The Galaxies

We Need A Telescope

And To Examine Our

Physical Health Of Our

Heart That We Need A


He Will Understand

To Explore And Know God

It Would Be An Error To Do

It Through Our Senses Or A


He Will Understand

It Would Be Equally Foolish

And Naive To Seek God

With Our Logic And


He Would Understand

Christ Himself Revealed

That We Are Capable Of

Exploring God But We

Can Also Live With God

Become One With God

We Can Achieve That Not

With Our Senses Or Our

Logic But Through Our


He Will Understand

The Heart Is Also The

Center Of Our Psychonautic


The Center Of Our


The Center Of Our


Entrance Into The Cosmic Plane

A Guru Can Bring

You Swirling

Into Intense

Knowledge Of The

Holy Spiritual Plane

When You Thirst,

Crave And Search For

The Knowledge Of God

It Can Become A Strenuous

Grueling Walk Similar

To Climbing Up A

Steep Mountain

Like The Himalayas

You Will Wonder For

Years From Church

To Church

Not Finding The

Exciting Entrance

Into The Spiritual

Cosmic Plane

Your Desire For

Spiritual Knowledge

Will Haunt You

All You Remeber

Is Your Childhood

When You Danced

With The Angels

You Know That

The Exciting Holy

Cosmic Plane Exist

You Will Cry

From Frustration

And Many Times You'll

Feel So All Alone

In The World

When You Express

To Someone You.,

"Want To Dance Again

With The Angels Like

You Did When You

Were Young,"

They Just Look At

You With A Blank Stare

I Met A Guru

He Was The Key

To The Door

Of Entrance

Unto The Cosmic

Spiritual Plane

I Let Him Walk

Pass Me

And Continued

The Search From

Priest To Priest

I Didn't Understand

The True Holiness

Of A Guru

They Are Like Saints

And They Dance With


Because The

Angels Are There Friends

God Heard My Prayers

And Sent Me A Teacher

To Guide Me Into The

Entrance Of The Cosmic

Holy Plane

I Thank God

The Guru Felt

My Hunger

And Never Let

Me Slip Down The

Path Of A Endless

Frustrating Search.

He Continued To

Stay In Contact

With Me.

Today I Have A Guiding

Light A Teacher That

Guides Me Into The Spiritual

Flight Of The Cosmic Plane

My Friend Is A Guru

Mount Athos Yogi Monks

Mount Athos Is On A Isolated Peninsula In Northern Greece. There Are A Group Of Ancient Monasteries And Two Thousand Monks. They Practice An Ancient Form Of Mysticism. In Which They Practice The Spiritual Arts To Attain Oneness With God.

They Could Be What Might Be Called Christian Tibet. In Which They Use Meditation, Holy Sacred Chanting, All Night Sacred Holy Prayer Vigils, And Silence Of The Mind. They Practice The Sacred Holy Rituals Of Christ And Have Not Changed There Holy Mysticism Spiritual Practices. Similar To A Guru In Ancient Mysticism and Obtaining Oneness With God.

In Practicing This Spiritual Holy Mysticism It Requires Discipline Of The Mind, Spirit, And Heart. You Must Be Focused And Train Yourself In Concentration. Many Of Their Prayer Are In A Chanting In Repetition.

The Mont Athos Monks Main Goal Is The Souls Journey Toward God. In Which They Must Go Through Three Identifiable And Distinct Stages. At First There Is The Stage Of CATHARSIS (A Greek Word) Meaning The Purification Of The Soul From Egotistical Passions. It Is Then Followed By The Stage Of FOTISIS ( A Greek Word ) Meaning The Enlightenment Of The Soul, A Gift Of The Holy Spirit Once The Soul Has Undergone It's Purification. Finally Comes The Stage Of THEOSIS, (A Greek Word) Meaning Union With GOD. They Believe The Last Two Stages Are Impossible To Attain Without Having The Soul First Pass Through The FIRES OF CATHARSIS, From Egotistical Passions.

They Will Do The Prayer In Some Of There All Night Vigils, The Jesus Prayer. For Hours , Repeating Ceaselessly The Prayer, "Lord Jesus Christ, Son Of God, Have Mercy On Me." They Will Repeat The Prayer Over And Over.

I Was Told Not To Do It In A Long Length Repetition Without A Priest Or Without A Master In This Prayer. Because People Have Become Obsessed In The Prayer Were They Can Not Stop. I Would Tend To Think Until You Past The First Stage Of CATHARSIS, Egotistical Passions. If You Haven't Pass That Stage I would Think You Could Possibly Be Highly Vulnerable To Satan's Attack.

I Am Greek And Have Search For The Knowledge Of Knowing God.

I Would Go To Mount Athos To Have A Monk Guide Me Into Enlightenment. But Mount Athos Does Not Allow Women On The Peninsula. Civilians Do Not Have Homes On Mount Athos. Only Monks And Hermits Live In This Peninsula. A Male Can Go On Mount Athos But They Must Obtain Permission First To Enter. It Is A Holy Peninsula.

My Cousin In Obtaining Enlightenment Has Journeyed To India And Stayed in India For A Long Period Of Time. He Also Ended His Trip In Staying In A Monastery For Six Months. Being A Female My Options Are Closed To Learning From Monks. I Could Stay In A Monastery With Nuns. But Monks Have Done Intense Study And Are Educated In Theology. Monks Are Priest That Decided To Enter The Monastery Life.

Hermits At Mount Athos Are Also Priest That Chose Monastic Living. Hermits Have Entered Theosis, Union With God. They Have Gone Into Isolation Because They Are So High And Spiritually Are One With God, That There Bodies Are Here But Their Souls Have Union With God And All Of Creation As One. I Am Sure It Is Like This In Many Monasteries Across The World.

There Are Avenues In Seeking Enlightenment. You Can Do It Alone Without A Monk Or Guru That Is a Master In Ancient Mysticism. But It Will Be A Longer Walk In Obtaining This Knowledge.

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