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The Psalms Are My Refuge


My security, my refuge from all evil, is our sanctuary, to keep,

As the Lord God has spared His flock, as his precious sheep.

The terrible forces, so relentless and that forever does invade,

The One, Most High's own champion, provides us a barricade.

Under His wings of steel, the safe place He will always provide,

Here, of the Lord's own understanding, knowingly, I do confide.

The truth always shall be my strength, is my awesome defense,

His pardoning of my sins, by my every act of love, a recompense.


I shall not fear horrors that walk by night, nor their sharp swords,

The loudest screams of the enemy shall be quelled, of all hoards.

That destruction of all my foes who would apply, He does so deny,

Although my fellow warriors may fall by my side, I will this so defy.

The just reward of the evil ones, wicked in their intent, I will witness,

Their constant misbehavior, never to be forgiven, until they confess.

The sins of masses, those who have acted in evil ways, to depend,

Whether forgiven and all to be cleansed, in asking, He shall amend.

Storms in the darkness, I will fear not, lightning's flash, rain's deluge.

I shall dwell in constant security, for I have chosen Him as my refuge,

No evil in any form shall assault my dwelling, for He is ever with me,

His angels will bolster me up, watch over my every move, Him to see.


The angels shall defend us and to act when the enemy comes near,

Their terrible punishment to be destroyed, removed, erasing all fear.

The Lion shall be made as tame, adders trampled under foot, Killed,

The mysterious evil forces are revealed, His wishes are to be fulfilled.

Because the Lord God has made us all, every fine creature, by and by.

He will always deliver us from harm, our place awaits us each on High.

When we call on the Lord, He shall answer us, for He knows our name,

Life everlasting, of our salvation, provides, all His children are the same.


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