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The Provider's Pain


Anyone can be a dad but not everyone can be a father.
A man is tormented everyday where to get food and where to gather..
Money, Clothing, And Shelter, things that needed in his mind it's sort of a bother? no!
No matter how hard life it seems to be, the man in the house close his eyes to see..
All the pain and weary in working for hours, can be forgotten by a simple kiss and hug.
But what is most painful for this man is when he gets home only to see a rug..

Can someone someone give this man love?
There are times that you don't know he was yelled out at work..
He gets home so quickly with a smile on his face just to make it work.
Sometimes he doesn't eat to save money just for them, to buy her daughter a doll
because her smile for him was like a gem.
Father's go abroad to work to feed their family...
after years of being separated found out that his wife already have another family
Oh! how painful to think about it, that a father do his best he stretches his bones and for him only death is rest.

Have anyone in the family thought about it?
that a father's pain inside his heart and mind
he has no control of it.
There are times that he wants to give up but he couldn't
Because of love for his family he knows he shouldn't.
A father's pain is kept inside..
You'll never know about it unto the day he dies.


PoetikalyAnointed on January 09, 2019:

Hello Jeho,

Thank you for this Wonderfully Heartbreaking Tribute for the Struggling Fathers out there! We hear so much about the troubles of Mothers but it's only fair to hear from the Men/Fathers!

I've experienced so many sides to this coin that it would take all day to share them. I can totally relate to this and it is truly disheartening to live it.

No one should ever know this pain. We all deserve real and unconditional love. We all should be able to sit back and reflect on our work day and smile, not frown. We all should have someone at home waiting for us at home. Sadly, the reverse is the reality for so many. For those people, I'd like to share a huge burst of love and appreciation for you. I know it's hard and you wonder "why bother?"

I believe the great ones will and do experience the absolute Worst in life! Challenging lives are not for the weak minded or hearted. So if you consider your life to be like no other and you seem to go from one bad situation to another...and most times than not..it's not your doing...it could be because God knows your heart and knows that you are strong enough to handle it...even if it doesn't seem like you are. Just a Relevation that I had recently.

Love the pic too!

Take Care.

Jai Hitachiin on January 05, 2019:

wow this poem is striking, wish my dad was like this man,,

perfect for Father's day

Jeho (author) from Philippines on January 01, 2019:

thank you Ms. Dana Tate

Dana Tate from LOS ANGELES on January 01, 2019:

Touching story from a fathers point of view. Unfortunately, there are lots of good husbands and fathers who are not recognized.

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