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The Power of Second Chances

At the shores of Lake Victoria

At the shores of Lake Victoria

Hey friend, I wrote this just for you.

The opportunities we are given to fix our mistakes

To do things a little better

You'll make the most of yours

You'll learn to look into the future without letting the past hurt you

And you'll find a way to close wounds that once seemed impossible to heal

To do so, you'll explore paths you never imagined could lead to relief

And little by little, you'll let go of the past

You'll decide to help people who want to start over, just like you

Help them to rebuild bridges over impassable chasms

You'll leave behind everything you were and you'll focus on everything you can become

And you'll decide to embrace this new life with all your heart

Until you at last feel that you have everything you want

Everything you've spent years fighting for

And then you'll know you don't need anything else

To be happy.

© 2021 Basiima Julius

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