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The best way to keep your life peaceful

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Sara is a creative writer and her vision is to spread Happiness, love and Optimistic thoughts.


When I entered into the door

I saw bright glittering lights

I didn't know but;

The spellbinding effect of that place

Kept me out of time and space

Though, my thoughts were distracted

I was scattered

Knowing not the destination

I bent my knees and;

Went straight to the position of "Sujood"

I wasn't feeling alone

I knew that

He will always listen to me

Allah Almighty, the most beneficial and the most merciful

So, I poured my heart out

I explained my problems

I told My Allah regarding my mistakes

Asked Him to help me

My heart said,

Indeed, Bow to none but Allah

He is the creator of all the universe

My heart aches, bruises in my soul

All started to heal up

I felt so light and peaceful

I knew that

In the game of ludo,

How intense the situation of a game is

Whatever the circumstances are

All pegs finally reached to the one destination

The same way,

Whatever hurdles life brings into picture

Stay calm and have faith in Allah

Turning towards Him is the only solution to your problems

Allah Almighty loves you

He will surely erase your burden

And show you the right path.

Sara Shahid.

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