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The Power Of Insults

Life is Beautiful


Turn Insults Into Bouquets

I like insults ,

Because insult is a fire ,

It comes in many ways ,

It touches us badly ,

But, You should think over,

You can make it positive,

But it's not easy ,

It might be like a burst,

Who is blaming you ?

Love them as much as you can,

Treat them well in your mind,

Because they are your milestones,

Every insult results in anger ,

Every insult results zing,

Every insult is a blessing,

When you are insulted,

The power will be born in you,

The energy will be brew in you,

To chase the life,

To fulfill your dreams,

I like insults,.

To become a new person,

We need to have insults,

Love their harsh words,

Accept their stones,

And fly high,

I like insults,

Because insult is a fire.

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